The made-in-Switzerland Daysaver Multi-tool weighs just 45 grams and provides 9 functions using an innovative system of nesting bits. Find out more and watch the launch video here….

Multitools are available in all shapes and sizes these days, and bit-driver multi-tools are becoming increasingly popular for their user-friendly form factor. The founders of Daysaver wanted to capitalize on this with an L-shaped tool that’s easy to use, lightweight, and able to access tricky places on the bike, as well as have provide solid leverage for larger bolts. Together with PB Swiss they’ve developed a multi-tool that pretty much the size of a standard Allen key, weighs 45 grams, and provides nine functions.

Daysaver Multi-tool Daysaver Multi-tool

The innovation behind the Daysaver Multi-tool lies in its four nesting bits. Each bit has two sides and can be flipped and inserted into one another other and stored in the two ends of the tool. This provides 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm Allen keys, a 25 Torx, and a slotted screwdriver. All the parts in the Daysaver are made in Switzerland.

Daysaver Multi-tool
  • Daysaver Multi-tool
  • Daysaver Multi-tool

The founders claim that the Daysaver is so small that you can easily carry it in your pocket. But they also created a minimal Daysaver Mount that attaches to a standard pair of bottle cage mounts, which can be used with or without a cage.

The Daysaver Multi-tool Kickstarter campaign is live now. You can pledge 70 Swiss Francs (~$76.50 USD) and get the tool, or 99 CHF (about $108 USD) to get the tool and Daysaver Mount.



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