We recently got word that the beloved Surly Cross-Check is no longer in production, and it was quietly removed from Surly’s website. We’re mourning the loss of a dependable and affordable steel frameset that endured a couple of decades of change. Learn more and share your Cross-Check tributes here…

As brought to our attention by very serious investigative journalist Bicycle Pubes via Instagram this morning, the fan-favorite Surly Cross-Check recently disappeared from the brand’s website. Fearing the worst, we got in touch with Surly to get the scoop, and they confirmed that their parent company, Quality Bicycle Products (QBP), has stopped production despite seemingly strong worldwide sales and popularity.

Surly Cross-Check, Crosscheck
  • Reader's Rig, Surly Cross-Check
  • Surly Cross-Check

Throughout the roughly two decades it’s been around, untold riders around the planet have built their Cross-Checks into nearly every imaginable permutation, from commuter rigs to gravel bikes to world tourers and more. The humble Cross-Check is a bike that opened doors for riders from all walks of life, including me. I bought one new in 2007, swapped out nearly every part, and loved it until it was ultimately stolen. I later replaced it with my Dream Commuter build, a bike I still ride nearly every day.

Surly Cross-Check

It’s no secret that the bicycle industry has long left behind the Cross-Check in terms of specs and standards, but that was indeed part of its appeal for many folks. Its tried and true rim brakes, quick-release axles, and 132.5mm rear spacing made it possible to build up on a budget using second-hand components fished out bins at the local co-op. Not all riders want or need the latest and greatest technology, and the longstanding steel Cross-Check was a breath of fresh air for folks who are uninterested in keeping up with the pace at which things change in the bike world today. The exit of the Cross-Check makes us wonder where those folks can turn for a reliable and relatively affordable DIY platform.

  • Surly Cross-Check Modification
  • Surly Cross-Check Modification
Customizing my latest Cross-Check with Jeremy of Gallus Cycles in Denver

So long, Surly Cross-Check! You will be missed. Many readers have undoubtedly owned one over the years, and we’d love to hear your experiences and see photos of your rigs in the conversation below. We’re also curious to hear your suggestions for steel framesets that can fill the void left by the Cross-Check once the remaining stock has sold. On that note, we’re not sure how much longer they will be available through QBP’s dealer network, but we suggest getting in touch with your local shop if you want to snag one while you can.

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