Curious about Goat’s flip-flop pedals shown in our Crust Scapegoat review yesterday? Find a little more backstory and a step-by-step video tutorial that walks through how to make your very own DIY flip-flop pedals here…

As Miles pointed out in his review of the Crust Scapegoat yesterday, many of us in the early 2010s were following the Riding the Spine crew on their journey from Alaska to Argentina. That ride was almost at a turning point when many touring cyclists first started to buck road touring trends by using bigger tires, different styles of luggage, and routes that were more rugged and adventurous than the typical Pan-American Highway that many cyclists choose for such a ride.

Crust Scapegoat

No one embodied that more than Goat (above), whose legendary Chupacabra long-tail fatbike was vastly different from typical touring bikes at the time. Even more legendary, Goat’s preferred footwear was non-existent, and his pedals were made of flip-flops. Apparently, Goat has ridden well over 100,000 kilometers with this style pedal. As timing (and fate) would have it, Crust posted an older video showing how these pedals are made just a day before Miles’ Scapegoat review went live. Watch it below.

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