This week’s Debrief features Stooge Speedbomb preorders, the Crust Evasion Lite, custom Buckhorn framebags, an updated Randi Jo Jeff ‘n Joan bag, Tour Divide sign-up, two events to follow live, and more. Find it all here…

Main photo from Sisters in the Wild Slovenia by Neža Peterca

The weekly Debrief highlights small but important bits of news, products, and things that caught our attention on the website, in the conversation, and elsewhere around the community. These include upcoming events and interesting items our readers shared in the comments. Check out this week’s findings below.

Bits & Bobs

New products that are worth highlighting but didn’t make the Dispatch…

Stooge Cycles Speedbomb Preorders

Stooge Speedbomb Preorder

Described as the Dirtbomb’s feral cousin, the Stooge Cycles Speedbomb is a steel klunkpacking rig with triple top tubes, an eccentric bottom bracket, and clearance for massive 29 x 3.0″ tires. It will be offered in three colours: burnt orange, ochre, and a green/grey/blue hybrid known as cyan green. The Speedbomb comes in one size (18″ with 625mm ETT), and this run will be limited to 100 frames. Preorders are open now, with an expected delivery of June 2023.

Made in Taiwan / £700 at

Buckhorn Bags Custom Framebag Orders Open

buckhorn bags bikepacking gear

If you’ve been waiting to snag a custom framebag, today could be the day! Arkansas-based Buckhorn Bags is opening up custom framebag orders today at 8 a.m. CST. This includes any of their framebag configurations: single zip, double decker, halfie, bolt-on, or lace-up in your choice of fabric and color.

Made in USA / $200+ at

Cascada Highland Fleece Hoodie

Cascada Highland Fleece Hoodie

Cascada’s new Highland Fleece Hoodie contains 69% recycled polyester from plastic bottles, is quick-drying and breathable, and looks like a cozy layer for cold-weather adventures. The hoodie is Bluesign approved, has two hand warmer pockets, a zippered front closure, and comes in sizes XS to XXL.

Made in Italy / $155 at

Crust Evasion Lite

Crust Evasion Lite

The Crust Evasion Lite is back with fresh graphics, an eye-catching blue and white splatter fade paint job, and clearance for 27.5 x 2.8″ or 26 x 3.0″ tires. The Evasion Lite is a pared-down version of the normal Evasion that’s perfect for those who don’t need all of the rack mounts and want an overall lighter setup, thanks to Crust’s carbon fork.

Made in Taiwan / $1,500 at

Bell Falcon XR/XRV Helmets

We’re digging the look and versatility of the new Bell Falcon XR and XRV helmets, which are available in four configurations and a wide variety of colors. The short video above introduces the brand’s latest models and provides a little inspiration to get out and ride in the process.

$120-$140 at

Moots Forager Complete Builds

Moots Forager

Released last spring, the Moots Forager is a US-made titanium fat bike designed to accommodate 27.5 x 4.5″ tires. They’ve just added a pre-built option to the lineup, based around a ENVE fat fork, Shimano XT drivetrain, HED carbon wheels, and Shimano XT brakes. It’s priced at $9,898 USD and won’t be around forever.

Made in USA / $9,898 USD at

Updated Onza Canis XC Tire

2023 Onza Canis

The updated Onza Canis tire combines low rolling resistance with lots of traction, which is perfect for cross-country and marathon riding. It looks like a good all-rounder for trail riding and bikepacking, comes in 29 x 2.3″ in both black and tan wall, and weighs 800g and 780g, respectively.

Made in Taiwan / €64.90 at

New Montanus Web Store

Our friends over at Montanus just launched their web store and have kicked things off with a lightweight zippered wallet, a key clip, a patch, and stickers. Both the wallet and key clip are handmade by Montanus in Italy and are available in a variety of colors.

Montanus Web Store

Made in Italy / €6-29 at

Randi Jo Fab Jeff ‘n Joan Bag Update

Originally designed for the front loop of a Jones handlebar, Oregon-based Randi Jo Fabrications just updated their Jeff ‘n Joan Bag to be compatible with any style of bar. It now features a cord and hook to secure to the steerer tube, a snap closure on the roll-top, and it’s being offered in eight fun colorways.

Randi Jo Fab

Made in USA / $90 at

In Conversation

Exchanges and ideas that caught our attention in the site’s conversation section…

“Old” Parts Work Great

Cass’ latest Rider and Rig featured Daniel Schmidt and his Salsa El Mariachi bikepacking rig and served as a good reminder that the latest and greatest isn’t the only way to go bikepacking. Nine-speed drivetrains, rim brakes, and heavy steel parts can handle just as much as expensive modern bits. We’d be interested to hear what “old” parts people are using on their bikes. Let us know in the discussion below.

Around the Community

News from around the bikepacking world…

Josh Ibbett: Cycling Edinburgh to London… In Winter!

Just before Christmas, Josh Ibbett and Rich Rothwell took off on a bikepacking trip from Edinburgh to London. The two took six days to tackle the roughly 870-kilometer route, which provided them both an opportunity to visit parts of the country they had never seen before. Watch their 11-minute video from the trip above.

2023 Tour Divide Unofficial Starter List

Sofiane Sehili Tour Divide

Thinking of heading to Banff this June for the 2023 Tour Divide? The unofficial starters list sign-up just went live, and while it’s not mandatory as there is now an official registration process, it’s always fun to see the list of riders and where they’re coming from for the grand depart. Find the form here.

A Rider’s Guide to Crank Length

Crank Length Guide

Curious about crank length? Hip position? Knee pain? Power? What crank length is right for you? Matt Appleman answers all this and more in his latest blog post, “A Rider’s Guide to Crank Length.” Check it out at

Events Starting Soon

What to watch this weekend and bikepacking events starting soon…

The Great Southern Brevet

The Great Southern Brevet 2019

The Great Southern Brevet is a 1,100-kilometer self-supported bikepacking adventure around the Central South Island of New Zealand. There are currently more than 100 riders signed up for the grand depart, which takes off from Lake Tekapo on January 21st at 11 a.m. local time. You can follow their progress here.

Sisters in the Wild: Lanzarote Gravel Camp

Lanzarote Gravel Camp

While you can’t follow the event in real-time, we’re excited to see Sisters in the Wild back at it for 2023. Their Lanzarote Gravel Camp is a five-night/five-day mixed terrain group ride for women, trans, and non-binary riders on the Canary Islands of Spain. Learn more about the event here.

Wish We Were Here

Shedding a little light on a route one of us is dreaming about riding at the moment…

Ryan Le Garrec (@ryan_le_garrec): Route of Caravans

Route of Caravans, Morocco Traverse South

The world is a beautiful place, and most routes on the site make me dream. However, as I’m just back from Morocco and editing a film from my three-week trip, I can’t help but think of the Route of Caravans in Morocco. I took a road bike to Morocco and no camping set up. That was not a mistake but an excuse to go back again with bigger tyres and a tent.

The amazing Atlas Mountains are the most serene and out of this world. The dry winter air left an everlasting impression of bliss on me. The smells of the medina or any market are still with me too, and I can’t wait to go back to Morocco to ride this route.

Weekly Social

Some things we found around the ‘gram and elsewhere. This week, some posts from a few events happening this month, including the BPS 600/400 in Australia and the first SITW Lanzarote Gravel Camp…

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