Just announced, the Fujifilm X100VI is the latest in the X100 lineage, one of our favorite cameras for bridging the symbiotic relationship between bike touring and photography. Learn more here…

Interrupting our regular programming of new bikes, parts, bags, and community news here on the Dispatch, we thought the new Fujifilm X100VI was worth chatting about. Reason being, the X100 series of cameras holds a special place for several of us on the team. Speaking for myself, I credit the original X100 for bringing me back to photography after a long hiatus. I actually minored in photography at university with a double major in sculpture and graphic design, but I only used film at the time. After that, I tried a couple early digital cameras but found myself alienated by them, and I didn’t pick up a camera for several years after that as a result. I opted to purchase and bring the X100 on a long bike tour through Mexico and Central America in 2012, and its familiar analog interface, simplicity, and the “honest” 35mm fixed focal length lens sucked me back in and helped me fall in love with the process of taking pictures again. Lucas, Joe, and Cass have all shot various versions of the X100 over the years, too, and we all share an appreciation for its unparalleled form and function.

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Fuji has upgraded the X100 platform several times over the last decade, with the X100V being the crème de la crème when it was released a few years ago with a lens upgrade and new processor. The X100VI marks the sixth iteration of this camera platform, celebrated for its seamless integration of vintage aesthetics, colors and image quality, and distinctive features like a hybrid EVF/OVF and a beautiful fixed wide-angle lens. The latest model released today introduces substantial enhancements to the X100 line, incorporating the 40.2-megapixel X-Trans CMOS sensor from the X-H2 (upgraded from a 26MP sensor), 6.2K video recording, enhanced autofocus, a novel film simulation mode, and most notably, in-body image stabilization—a first for an X100 body.

Fujifilm X100VI

Whether all that is good for bikepacking is yet to be determined. Although it’s not weather sealed, the X100V has proven to be nearly invincible. I honestly worry a little bit about IBIS in the new model as that’s just something else that could break or malfunction due to the rough and bumpy nature of riding a bike off-road. And of course, those upgrades all lead to a $200 higher price tag. The new Fujifilm X100VI is now $1,599. You can preorder it at all the typical places, like Amazon, BHphoto, etc., and find the usual onslaught of reviews on YouTube.

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