New for 2023, HydraPak has expanded their line of hydration solutions with their new system of water filters, which are designed to work seamlessly with their bladders, bottles, and flasks. Learn more here…

Probably best known for their soft flaks and hydration reservoirs, HydraPak is a trusted brand when it comes to water storage solutions. I’ve been using their soft flask in conjunction with a small Sawyer squeeze filter for years as my go-to bikepacking setup, since the stock plastic bag that came with the filter broke almost immediately. Soft flasks and reservoirs are great for bikepacking because they pack down small when empty, weigh next to nothing, and can be clutch when distances between resupply points get lengthy.

For 2023, HydraPak is expanding their product line to include an entire water filtration system. They are designed to work seamlessly with their other hydration products, including flasks, reservoirs, and reservoir lines, and each filter effectively removes common waterborne bacteria and protozoa from approximately 1,500 liters of water at a rate of >1L per minute.

hydrapak filter

There are two filters available: the 42mm filter cap and a 28mm filter kit. The 42mm Filter Cap ($35) is compatible with all HydraPak 42mm opening products, including running flasks, Seekers, and Flux bottles. The cap is equipped with a high-flow nozzle and dust cover that opens and closes with one hand while preventing contact with dirty hands. Users can drink directly from the nozzle or squeeze filtered water into another vessel. It weighs just 57 grams (2oz).

The 28mm filter kit ($40) threads directly onto bottles and flasks or connects to Plug-N-Play systems used on reservoirs and and water storage containers. The 28mm Filter is an ideal backcountry water treatment solution whether you’re gravity filtering your water out of a water storage bag or filtering as you drink from a Stow bottle or HydraPak reservoir.

  • hydrapak filter
  • hydrapak filter

In addition to the filters, HydraPak also released a line of “+” series products that come equipped with filters for a complete hydration solution. This includes their 1.5L Flux+ bottle ($55), 3L Seeker+ ($60) and 6L Seeker+ ($80) reservoirs. All three include their inline filters, while the largest Seeker+ reservoir also includes a flexible camp tap, their plug ‘n’ play cap, and a backflush adapter.

The entire collection is available now at and REI.

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