Hats off to Miron Golfman of Alaska, the overall winner of the 2023 Colorado Trail Race, who rolled across the finish line in Denver last night after just 4 days, 16 hours, and 51 minutes on the trail. Learn more about the rookie rider’s incredible effort and find a gallery of photos here…

Words and photos by Josh Hicks

Miron Golfman was the first rider to finish the 2023 Colorado Trail Race (CTR) just before 9 p.m. last night with an overall time of 4 days, 16 hours, and 51 minutes (4:16:51). This was his rookie attempt at the 527-mile CTR, which comes just five weeks after breaking a finger, and shortly before that, dropping out of the 2023 Tour Divide due to cardiovascular health concerns.

Miron Golfman, 2023 Colorado Trail Race

While recapping this year’s race with him at the trailhead shortly after he rolled in, Miron was clear that he did not expect the result he finished with. Stomach issues started hard and fast, and he vomited around a dozen times, keeping only one meal down since leaving the start line in Durango. “I just didn’t think winning was even in the cards,” he said. From Buena Vista to the finish line, a distance of roughly 245 miles, Miron ran off of soda alone.

  • Miron Golfman, 2023 Colorado Trail Race
  • Miron Golfman, 2023 Colorado Trail Race

On the topic of sleep, he added, “The first night, I slept about six hours in Silverton. Each night after that, I got about three to four hours. It’s my style of racing because I need sleep, which means I have to move much faster while on the bike. The last time I lay down was right in the middle of the trail. That way, [second-place finisher] Dustin would run me over and wake me up so I could get going with him.”

2023 Colorado Trail Race, Santa Cruz Blur
  • 2023 Colorado Trail Race, Santa Cruz Blur
  • 2023 Colorado Trail Race, Santa Cruz Blur
  • 2023 Colorado Trail Race, Santa Cruz Blur

Miron rode a 2022 Santa Cruz Blur with a Relevate Designs top tube bag and saddle bag along with a small handlebar bag and Salomon hydration pack. While Golfman is based out of Alaska, he has been living and training in Leadville, Colorado, all summer to prepare for this race. He toured the trail last summer with a friend in about six days and said the combination of touring and training on specific segments this year helped tremendously.

Dustin Eroh, 2023 Colorado Trail Race
Dustin Eroh (left) and Miron Golfman (right) at the finish

The second rider in was Dustin Eroh, product designer for Relevate Designs who is also from Alaska. Miron said, “How cool, Alaska taking one and two.” Shortly after finishing, Miron called his coach Janice Tower of Tower Coaching to give her a recap, including that her athletes came in first and second. She congratulated him and said, “I’m lucky to have you both. You really turned yourself inside out on this one. I can’t wait to see what you can do once we figure out how to keep real food down!”



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