As many of you know, if not for Covid-19, the Tour Divide Grand Depart would be setting out from Banff this morning. Here are some thoughts, photos, and links past content to keep the spirit alive…

Today is the second Friday in June, a day that typically marks the Grand Depart of the Tour Divide, the most iconic bikepacking event in the world. As most of you know, the Tour Divide follows the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (GDMBR), crisscrossing the Continental Divide from north to south from Banff, Alberta, Canada, to the US/Mexico border in Antelope Wells, New Mexico. For the first time in 12 years this race and group start will not be taking off this morning. There are no dots to follow and no incredible results to report. We’re all saddened by that, but don’t despair! There are many more Grand Departs to come. In the meantime, be sure to dig into last year’s coverage, our 2019 Rigs of the Tour Divide, and most importantly, tons of great content from over the years at #tour-divide. Also, be sure to peruse the race results from years past below.

Eddie Clark Tour Divide
  • Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, GDMBR
  • Printed Tour Divide Map, Alex Hotchin, GDMBR
  • 2019 Tour Divide Recap, Eddie Clark
  • Tour Divide Rigs, 2018
  • 2019 Tour Divide Recap, Eddie Clark
From left to right above: Alexandera Houchin, singlespeed record holder; Sam Scipio’s Liv Obsess from the 2018 Rigs of the Tour Divide; Chris Seistrup, winner of the 2019 Tour Divide..

Timing and Records

It’s a small and select group of athletes.  Here are your Grand Depart winners since the inception of the race in 2008.


Men: Matthew Lee – 19:12:00
Women: Mary Collier – 29:17:37


Men: Matthew Lee – 17:23:45
Women: Jill Homer – 24:07:24


Men: Matthew Lee – 17:16:10
Women: Cricket Butler – 26:09:36


Men: Kurt Refsnider – 15:20:51
Women: Caroline Soong – 22:09:59


Men: Ollie Whalley (R) – 16:02:54
Women: Eszter Horanyi – 19:03:35


Men: Mike Hall – 14:11:55
Women: Sara Dallman – 22:19:05


Men: Jefe Branham – 16:02:39
Alice Drobna (SS) – 22:06:36


Men: Josh Kato – 14:11:37
Bethany Dunne – 19:02:37


Men: Mike Hall – 13:22:51
Jackie Bernardi – 19:21:41


Men: Brian Lucido (R) – 14:22:50
Women: Marketa Peggy Marvanova – 22:18:04


Men: Lewis Ciddor (R) – 15:02:08
Women: Alexandera Houchin – 23:03:51


Men: Chris Seistrup (R) – 15:11:24
Women: Alexandera Houchin – 18:20:26 (SS)

Notable ITTs

Jay Petervary – 2011 – 17:09:01
Jay Petervary – 2012 – 15:16:04
Billy Rice – 2013 – Yo-Yo (NoBo & SoBo) 44:42:00
Lael Wilcox – 2015  – 15:10:59

Current Records

Men: Mike Hall – 2016 – 13:22:51
Women: Lael Wilcox – 2015 – 15:10:59

(*) Year with a re-route, race records could not be made; (R) Rookie; (SS) Single Speed.



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