Just launched, the new Cane Creek Invert is an inverted short-travel gravel suspension fork, and it’s the lightest one yet. Find details on the 30mm travel Cane Creek Invert SL and 40mm Cane Creek Invert CS here…

Short-travel gravel suspension forks designed for gravel bikes are nothing new. In fact, as of today, there are now five 30-45mm travel suspension forks on the market that are all based on the promise of soaking up gravel road chatter, pushing your rigid gravel bike further, and doing so without adding much weight. Today, Cane Creek announced what they are calling “the world’s first gravel fork,” which is definitely a long shot. I think a more appropriate claim would be the world’s lightest gravel suspension fork because, in reality, that’s true. Read on for details.

  • Cane Creek Invert Gravel Fork
  • Cane Creek Invert Gravel Fork
  • Cane Creek Invert Gravel Fork
  • Cane Creek Invert Gravel Fork
  • Cane Creek Invert Gravel Fork

Gravel Suspension Forks Compared

  • Cane Creek Invert (40mm): 1113 grams
  • RockShox Rudy (40mm): 1266 grams
  • MRP Baxter (40mm): 1420 grams
  • FOX AX (40mm): 1214 grams
  • Suntour GVX 700C (45mm): 1710 grams

According to the designers, the Cane Creek Invert is based on four key pillars: A smooth and controlled ride that boosts confidence, a lightweight design that does not work against riders, a visual design that integrates seamlessly into the drop bar bike’s silhouette, and a simple setup and operation that is not unnecessarily complex. Cane Creek chose an inverted suspension design as it allowed for the lightest overall weight and the most “visually integrated” compared to the forks currently available. It also reduces the unsprung weight of the entire system, a common benefit of inverted forks, which creates a more sensitive fork that they claim is better at actively smoothing surface variation.

Cane Creek Invert Gravel Fork
  • Cane Creek Invert Gravel Fork
  • Cane Creek Invert Gravel Fork

The Cane Creek Invert comes in two models. Cane Creek Invert CS has 40mm of fork travel and a Climb Switch that, when clicked, dramatically reduces the amount of fork movement needed to pedal out of the saddle. It weighs just 1,113 grams (2.5 pounds), with a 435mm axle-to-crown and a 45mm offset. The Invert SL has 30mm of travel, no Climb Switch, and weighs just 990 grams (2.2 pounds) with a 425mm axle-to-crown.

Both models are built around a carbon fiber crown and steerer bonded to aluminum uppers. The one-piece lowers are forged with machined 30mm stanchions with integrated hidden brake caliper bolts and a 12 x 100mm thru axle. The fork uses flat-mount brakes, has clearance for 700 x 50mm (29 x 2.0″) tires, and a 1 1/8″ tapered steerer tube. The Cane Creek Invert uses an adjustable air spring that has a set-and-forget design and requires no other adjustments. While we would have loved to see integrated bottle mounts, like on the MRP Baxter, and more tire clearance, its lightweight design is impressive and seems to be the real selling point.

The Cane Creek Invert CS and SL cost $1,199 and $1,099, respectively, and are available through retailers, distributors, and factory direct at CaneCreek.com.

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