To celebrate its 40th anniversary and provide an alternative to the frenzy of Black Friday consumerism, ORTLIEB is offering a 40% discount on all repairs for a week starting today. Learn more here…

Since 1982, ORTLIEB has been making extremely durable products for long-distance adventures, and they even introduced the motto “Buy once, repair, don’t waste” with a video last year. To back this claim, ORTLIEB offers a five-year warranty on their products, promises to stock spare parts for at least 10 years after a product goes to market, and offers customer service in most countries where their products are sold. Today, the Germany-based company added to this by providing an alternative to Black Friday consumption and offering a 40% discount on all repairs. Find the full press release below the video.

Full Press Release from Ortlieb

Over the years, Black Friday has established itself as a symbol of fast and short-term consumption. Through its Repair Week, ORTLIEB Sportartikel GmbH is aiming to send out a signal against this cycle of consumerism. The manufacturer of waterproof bike panniers, backpacks, and travel bags produces exclusively in Germany and has always focused on sustainable, durable, and repairable products. As part of its celebration of the 40 years that have passed since its foundation, ORTLIEB is offering a 40% discount on all repairs during the week from November 21 to 26, 2022.

In the words of CEO Martin Esslinger: “Climate change should be the predominant topic of our times, there is no time left for us to keep overexploiting our planet. Sustainable management is essential, and this includes products being durable. Our bags are designed and constructed so that all individual parts are easy to repair. This enables us to achieve an even longer service life for our products.”

  • Inside Ortlieb
  • Inside Ortlieb
Photos from our recent Inside Ortlieb piece, linked below

ORTLIEB has been offering these repair services since it was founded, and has continued extending this feature and training its partners to become professional repairers. This means that not only our factory in Heilbron, Germany but also sales partners around the world are able to repair damaged bags. Under the hashtag #ORTLIEBcares, the specialist for waterproof bike panniers and backpacks is also seeking to collect the best repair stories from the community.

You can find repair details here.

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