Following the release of their Era Crankset a few years ago, Race Face is back with the new Era Chainring that’s said to be as light as aluminum but as durable as steel, combining a carbon spider with stainless steel teeth. Check it out here…

If you’re the type of rider who is constantly wearing out chainrings, then you likely understand the appeal of a longer-lasting option. Steel chainrings are great but are usually more than double the weight of traditional aluminum rings, and they’re also harder to come by. Race Face set out to design a new option that’s as light as aluminum but far more durable. Introducing the Race Face Era Chainring.

Race Face Era Chainring

The Era Chainring achieves improved durability without adding weight with a unique hybrid construction. The teeth are stainless steel for durability, the spider is made from carbon to save weight, and the crank interface is aluminum, which is what they’ve been using on their CINCH cranks for years. The teeth are bonded to the spider using a design similar to the interface of a ski edge, which happens to be where the project’s design engineer’s background is. The spider is bonded to the crank interface using their proprietary compression and co-molding processes, which were developed for the Race Face Era crankset.

  • Race Face Era Chainring
  • Race Face Era Chainring
Race Face Era Chainring

The Race Race Era Chainring comes in 30T, 32T, and 34T sizes and is compatible with all CINCH cranksets. The DM variants yield a 52mm chain line (with RF136 spindle) and the DMWs yield a 55mm chain line (with RF136 spindle). The 32T chainring weighs in at just 83 grams. There is a Shimano 12-speed specific SHI12 model that’s designed specifically for Shimano HG+ chains, and the NW version is compatible with all other 10, 11, and 12-speed chains.

The Era Chainring has an MSRP of $149 USD ($190 CAD) and is available now from

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