The new Rackhackers Cannier DIY Kit includes everything you need to transform large plastic containers into a sturdy set of panniers. Find photos, the backstory, and more info here…

Do-it-yourself pannier conversions are nothing new. We’ve also seen various takes on using plastic containers instead of a traditional fabric body a number of times, including Rick Hunter’s Tupperware panniers and more recently as part of Specialized and Fjällräven’s Great Nearby collaboration. Most kits we’ve seen appear to be quite functional, and while they might not be our first choice for bikepacking, the new Cannier Set DIY Kit from Romania-based Rackhackers looks more sophisticated.

Rackhackers is a project owned and operated by brothers Andras and Tuna. The idea for a DIY pannier kit was born at the start of a southbound bicycle tour from Chile in 2012. They had bikes, but no panniers. They found a handful of discarded plastic cans, strapped them onto their racks, and were surprised at just how well they worked for touring. They’ve since used them on several other longer tours and for commuting.

Rackhacker Cannier DIY Kit
  • Rackhacker Cannier DIY Kit
  • Rackhacker Cannier DIY Kit

They believe big plastic containers make great panniers because they are waterproof, easy to clean, provide rigidity for easier organization, and thanks to their DIY kit, completely fixed onto the bike. The best part is these plastic containers can usually be found, repurposed, and replaced with relative ease anywhere in the world.

Their DIY kit consists of a locking bracket that secures the back of the container to the rack leg, durable webbing straps that act as handles and adjustable lid straps, and rubber-coated rack hooks. The kit is designed to be easily repairable and replaceable, limiting the number of sewn-in components. According to Rackhackers, the kit is meant to work on plastic containers between 10L and 35L. Watch a detailed overview video from them above.

Rackhacker Cannier DIY Kit
  • Rackhacker Cannier DIY Kit
  • Rackhacker Cannier DIY Kit

The Cannier Set includes all required hardware to create your own set of panniers, but no plastic containers; you’ll have to source those yourself. The complete kit costs €19.90 (~$22 USD), and they also have extra support clamps and extra hooks/clamps for mounting the Canniers on racks with different diameter tubing.

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