For the gram-counters out there, Ratio Technology just announced the UK-made Ratio AXS cage. It not only makes the Eagle GX AXS derailleur lighter than X01, but it also serves as an aftermarket replacement part for bent or broken cages. Find details here…

Ratio Technology, known for their 12-speed conversion “mullet” kit, just launched a derailleur cage for Eagle AXS derailleurs. Machined from 7075 aluminum, the new cage features 12- and 14-tooth jockey wheels, stainless steel Enduro bearings, and stainless hardware. The standout feature of the cage is its weight. At 79 grams, the Ratio cage shaves 67 grams from the stock steel GX AXS cage, which nets 5 grams under the X01 AXS cage. As Ratio notes in their press release, “SRAM’s electronic derailleurs are all virtually identical in their construction.” The result is a GX AXS derailleur fitted with Ratio’s new cage that weighs the same as SRAM’s X01 model but costs less.

Ratio AXS Cage, GX

Additionally, the new Ratio AXS cage fits on all of SRAM’s Eagle AXS derailleurs, making it an aftermarket replacement part that SRAM currently doesn’t offer. “Bending or breaking a cage should not write off a derailleur that could have cost you over $750, and now it won’t.”

  • Ratio AXS Cage, GX
  • Ratio AXS Cage, GX
  • Ratio AXS Cage, GX
  • Ratio AXS Cage, GX

Ratio adds, “It’s no secret that SRAM’s GX AXS derailleur is heavy – over 50% heavier than its mechanical counterpart. However, its shifting mechanism is identical to X01 and XX1. With our new cage, your GX AXS mech beats X01 spec for a fraction of the price. Plus, cutting weight at the cage reduces chain slap and unsprung weight, and you’ll still have your steel GX cage for emergencies.”

Ratio AXS Cage Details

  • Compatible with all SRAM Eagle AXS derailleurs
  • 7075 aluminium cage plates, CNC machined by Ratio in the Lakes
  • Delrin jockey wheels for smooth, quiet running, CNC machined by Ratio in the Lakes
  • Stainless Enduro jockey wheel bearings with labyrinth seals
  • Stainless cage hardware
  • Cage weight: 79g (SRAM GX AXS 144g)

The Ratio AXS Cage is priced at £89.50/$91.50/84.30€/$131.50 AUD, including VAT. Find details over at

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