Reserve Wheels—makers of the revolutionary Fillmore Valve—just announced a new tubeless sealant that claims to fill tears up to 7mm and uses biodegradable natural fibers to clog holes. Learn more here…

We mentioned yet another new brand of tire sealant a couple of weeks ago in the Friday Debrief (linked in Related Content grid below). A reader was quick to point out the use of micro-plastics in many brands’ sealants. The reality is, many tubeless sealants use small pieces of plastic suspended in fluid to plug holes. Remember the old DIY Elmer’s glue and glitter trick? We replied with a couple of alternatives that don’t introduce plastics into the environment. Those included Orange Seal, which apparently uses vulcanized rubber as an aggregate, and Cantitoe Road’s vegetable-based sealant, which we haven’t tested. Another reader mentioned that Panaracer uses walnut shells. Today, we learned about a brand new option. Reserve Wheels, makers of the award-winning Fillmore Valves, just released their own tubeless sealant formula that uses “biodegradable natural fibers” as a means of plugging holes.

Reserve Tubeless Sealant

It’s doubtful that their sealant is as revolutionary as the Fillmore Valves, but they make some lofty claims, including its ability to fill up to 7mm holes. From Reserve: “Our sealant has been custom-formulated to provide superior sealing for all tubeless tire systems, from road to MTB. In both our lab and real-world testing, we’ve found it to deliver a much more durable seal when compared to its competitors. What do we mean by more durable? Well, it will hold higher pressures on bigger holes for longer periods of time—ensuring you’re not limping home with 10 psi left or succumb to a second blow-out after the hole’s been sealed.”

Despite using of natural fibers, Reserve Tubeless Sealant isn’t without environmental concerns. Like 99% of tubeless sealants on the market, it contains chemicals that shouldn’t enter “sewers and public waters” according to the safety sheet linked on their product page. It’s also unclear exactly what “biodegradable natural fibers” they are using, although it seems like a step in the right direction.

  • Reserve Tubeless Sealant
  • Reserve Tubeless Sealant

Reserve Tubeless Sealant is made in Taiwan and comes in 200ml bottles ($9.99) for a one-bike set-up or the workbench-size 500ml version. The larger bottle features measuring gradients and is priced at $24.99, with no volume discount. Learn more over at

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