Ron’s Bikes just released a new classic waxed Cordura fabric called Goldilocks, which is now available for the full range of Fab’s bags. To accompany it, they have new caps, bandanas, and summer wool socks too. Find all the details here…

Connecticut-based brand Ron’s Bikes just announced a new color for their lineup of “Classic Waxed” Cordura bags. The Fab’s Fanny hip pack, Fab’s Abs handlebar bag, and Fab’s Chest (both small and large) are all available in this new fabric color. And, like all of Ron’s other Fab’s bags, the Goldilocks models are made in their factory in Connecticut, which you can read about in the linked review below. The waxed Cordura material comes from a mill in Missouri.

  • Rons Bikes Goldilocks
  • Rons Bikes Goldilocks

In addition to the new colorway, Ron’s also rolled out a new cycling cap, bandana, and merino wool summer socks. Each is emblazoned with the LaRon’s Tulips and Holly pattern featuring the Rose of Fabio. The socks are made in North Carolina at Defeet.

Rons Bikes Goldilocks
  • Rons Bikes Goldilocks
  • Rons Bikes Goldilocks

While they last, find all of these products over at

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