We’re happy to announce the winners of our latest round of Collective Reward gear giveaways! Find the full list of lucky folks who will receive one of nearly 30 spring 2023 prize packages here…

After randomly picking another group of Bikepacking Collective members to receive Collective Rewards this season, we’re excited to share the list of winners and prizes this round. This time, there were 27 prize packages, including a Chumba Yaupon steel ATB frame, Bedrock Mountain clogs, Wolf Tooth Waveform pedals, several grab bags packed full of exciting items, and a set of SEIDO carbon wheels, and much more.

As always, we’d like to thank our members for their financial support and involvement in our growing bikepacking community. Stay tuned for the kickoff of the next round of giveaways in the next couple of weeks. There are many more great prizes to come!

Chumba Yaupon Review
  • Atwater Atelier
  • Spurcycle Bell

Our New Collective Reward Winners

#137: Atwater Atelier Bag Bundle
Winner: Caleb G. (Steamboat Springs, Colorado)

#138: Spurcycle Bells
Winners: Emily V. (Vancouver, Canada);
Nitin S. (Pacific Palisades, California);
Minh-Tam N. (Melba, Australia);
Seth S. (St. Paul, Minnesota)

#139: Wolf Tooth Waveform Pedals
Winner: Cale W. (San Diego, California)

#140: Grayl UltraPress Filter
Winner: Wayne B. (Brooklyn, New York)

#141: Jack the Bike Rack
Winners: Martin M. (Die, France);
Jan P. (Prague, Czech Republic)

#142: Desolate Divide Posters
Winners: Skyler V. (Winooski, Vermont);
Marc B. (Rumelange, Luxembourg);
Watts D. (Greensboro, North Carolina);
Raul R. (Squamish, Canada);
Zach J. (Madison, Wisconsin);
Henry C. (Hurley, New York);
Alan H. (Madison, Mississippi)

#143: Ritchey Beacon XL Bars/Grips
Winners: Brandon C. (Layton, Utah);
David U. (Bellingham, Washington)

#144: Chumba Yaupon Frame
Winner: Kris L. (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

  • Wolf Tooth Waveform Pedals Review
  • Siedo Acceleron Wheelset
  • Bedrock Mountain Clogs Review
  • Collective Reward Grab Bag
  • Collective Reward 146, Topeak Gravel Kit
#145: Grab Bag 1
Winner: Cannon S. (Leadville, Colorado)

#146: Topeak Gravel Kit
Winner: Mehrdad E. (Reston, Virginia)

#147: Bedrock Mountain Clogs
Winners: Abby F. (Juneau, Alaska);
Shawn C. (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

#148: Grab Bag 2
Winner: Peter L. (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

#149: Old Man Mountain Rack/Bags
Winner: Mandy P. (Fort Collins, Colorado)

#150: Grab Bag 3
Winner: Andrew L. (Wynnewood, Pennsylvania)

#151: SEIDO Acceleron Wheelset
Winner: Hendrik R. (Hamburg, Germany)

jack the bike rack
  • Collective Reward, Old Man Mountain
  • Collective Reward 148

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