Just announced, Terrene’s new Yipee Ki Yay tire is a mixed-surface 27.5 x 4.3″ fat tire for snow, sand, and everything in between. Check it out here…

The new Terrene Yipee Ki Yay is a versatile fat tire for mixed, loose conditions. According to Terrene, the tread design of the Yipee Ki Yay features longitudinal side lugs that provide added traction in soft conditions and allow the tire to hold a corner in soft sand and snow without washing out. The tread block size was designed to keep weight down while still offering substantial bite into the trail surface, and it features a studdable design with 250 stud pockets for excellent winter traction in icy conditions.

Terrene Yipee Ki Yay Fat Tire

“The Yipee Ki Yay was created in partnership with Corvus Cycles, formerly Fatback Bikes, for their 27.5 lineup of fat bikes. The intention with this tire for Corvus was to offer a desirably sized tire that really bites into the terrain, holds great traction and corners well without an overly aggressive or heavy tread design. With Yipee Ki Yay, buyers will get a great tire right out of the gate that will inspire confidence in all conditions throughout the life of their bike.” —Terrene Tires

Terrene Yipee Ki Yay Fat Tire
  • Terrene Yipee Ki Yay Fat Tire
  • Terrene Yipee Ki Yay Fat Tire
  • Size: 27.5 x 4.3″
  • Casing: Light
  • TPI: 120
  • Weight: 1565g (Light) / 1640g (Light Studded)
  • Price: $119-199 USD
  • Manufacturer’s Details: TerreneTires.com

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