Late Sunday, Timon Fish finished the Colorado Trail northbound route with an incredible time of just 3 days, 16 hours, and 13 minutes, setting a new fastest known time in the process. Find a brief post-ride reflection from Timon and a few photos from the route here…

Around 10:30 pm on Sunday, Timon Fish arrived at the Waterton Canyon Trailhead outside of Denver, setting a new north/eastbound and overall Colorado Trail course record with an official time of 3 days, 16 hours and 13 minutes. This was Timon’s sixth attempt at the route, and he said, “My goal was to ride the Colorado Trail as fast as I knew I could, and I think I accomplished that. I still made plenty of mistakes, and it was far from a perfect run, but I think and hope I’m finally at peace with the trail and won’t feel the need to go back for more.”

Timon was close to setting a record in 2019, but 25 miles to the finish, he said he “… went into a sleep-deprived, dream-like, alternate reality, woke up in bivy on side of road as cold as I’ve ever been and [had] no clue how I got there or how to get out of it.”

  • Timon fish 2023 Colorado trail record
  • Timon fish 2023 Colorado trail record

But that’s what it takes to set the fastest times on these multi-day races. He added, “I read an interview years ago where Jesse [Jakomait] said you have to get to a point where you’re willing to die to do the CT that fast. He wasn’t lying. The trail pushes you to that edge mentally and physically… and you either have to keep moving or you fail again.” This time, Timon prevailed.

Timon has had recent success with record-breaking efforts, such as the Kokopelli Trail, and he also shattered the Arizona Trail Race 300 record, with an official time of 1 day, 14 hours, and 52 minutes in the spring of 2021. Timon now owns two of the world’s most challenging ultra race records.

Timon fish 2023 Colorado trail record
  • Timon fish 2023 Colorado trail record
  • Timon fish 2023 Colorado trail record

“It really is impossible to put into words. I thought I would be crying tears of joy and elation, but I was too tired and cold. It had hailed and poured rain, and there was lightning all around from the Platte on. Pedaled as hard as I could down Waterton until I saw the sign just collapsed,” he said.

Timon tackled the route as an individual time trial. The grand depart starts this Sunday, August 13th. Stay tuned for more from this year’s race, and congrats, Timon!

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