In the second installment of his occasional video roundup series, Lucas presents an eclectic mix of inspiring, entertaining, and informative finds that have been simmering in open browser tabs for far too long. Discover another collection of new and old videos with a little something for everyone here…

At the time of posting, I have what might be a record 54 browser tabs open, and to help me close a handful of them for good, I present another various and sundry collection of bike-related videos I’ve stumbled upon in the past weeks and months. This second Too Many Tabs roundup includes a couple of trip reports from some of the most scenic places on the planet, an aspirational short about an aging cyclist who’s still going strong, and a few videos made on rides that departed right from the front door. I hope one of the videos below speaks to you.

Bikepacking Cappadocia

Filmed in his usual meditative style and featuring a collection of stunning still photos, this 15-minute video from Henry Merk documents an overnight bikepacking trip in Türkiye as part of a longer journey around the world. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Cappadocia below.

The 90 Year Old Cyclist

Created as a tribute to his 90-year-old grandfather, this 22-minute release from Florent Piovesan is a slow and heartwarming portrait of a lifelong lover of cycling. In it, Benjamin Piovesan reflects on his past, present, and future on two wheels.

The Yantic Yanker

Shot by Joe Huba in the fall of 2023, The Yantic Yanker follows Ronnie Romance and friends on a perfect day out around Nutmeg Country. The 10-minute video highlights the beauty of New England and the diverse mix of landscapes and roads around every corner.

Taking the Scenic Route

After a long stretch of rainy days, our friends Josh and Sarah took advantage of a rare window of sunny weather in the UK’s Lake District to get out for a ride to the pub just down the road. Rather than pedaling straight there, they took the scenic route to maximize their time outside. The 10-minute video below highlights their everyday adventure.

COMMUTE: A Cinematic Cycling Film

“I love the person that I am when I’m riding my bike,” says Kaldwell Grant in this insightful short that shines some light on his choice to make his 10-mile daily commute across Oklahoma City by bike. Get to know Kaldwell’s motivations and join him on a ride in the four-minute video from Eric Granado.

New Zealand Alone

Wrapping up a stint of living and working in New Zealand, Garrett Murphy pedaled out for one final bikepacking trip, a seven-day journey around the storied Kahurangi National Park, enjoying the Old Ghost Road, the Heaphy Track, and the Rameka Track. The 30-minute video below chronicles his ride.

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