After a little more than 49 hours, Ulrich Bartholmoes took first place at this year’s 1,000-kilometer Across Andes event in Chile. Learn more about his new record time and the route here…

Photos by Claudio Olguín-Parra (@claudiolguinphoto)

A huge congrats to 36-year-old Ulrich Bartholmoes, who just took first place at the 2022 Across Andes event in Chile. This challenging event follows a 1,000-kilometer route through Chile and Argentina and crosses the longest mountain range in the world, from the Andes to the Pacific Ocean. This year was the third edition of the event, and the riders have been dealing with scorching-hot temperatures, brutal headwinds, and big climbs.

Ulrich pushed through and finished his ride in 49 hours and 25 minutes, taking first place overall and setting a new fastest known time on the route. Ulrich’s time was 18 hours faster than last year’s winner, Timothy Ruedlinger. It just so happens that Timothy is currently sitting in second place, with just over 30 kilometers left to the finish.

Ulrich Across Andes 2022
  • Ulrich Across Andes 2022
  • Ulrich Across Andes 2022

There are still lots of riders out on course, and you can follow their progress along live here.

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