Announced last summer, the Wald Half Basket is a shorter version that cuts the weight in half and still comfortably fits most basket bags. They’ve flown relatively under the radar, but Blue Lug offers several versions and now they’re in stock over at Soma, too. Ultralight #basketpacking, anyone?

Last summer, Tokyo-based Blue Lug had the idea to trim down the Wald 137 and 139 baskets and create a lighter and smaller version of these two classic baskets. Ultimately, Wald took notice and made production versions of these for Blue Lug. Right now, there’s no published information about the weight of either the Wald 137 or 139 Half Baskets, however, readers have commented that by taking off the top level, it reduces the weight by a surprising 300g down to just 250g for the 137.

Wald Half Basket
  • Wald Half Basket, 137 and 139
  • Wald Half Basket, 137
Wald Half Basket, 137
Photos by Blue Lug from this original post

There are also four painted versions offered as Blue Lug exclusives: Khaki, Wine, Green, and Blue. Find them all over at And the Black and Silver variations are also now available through Soma Fab’s shop, along with several colors of the original 137/139 baskets. For more information on basket bags and all things #basketpacking, be sure to check out our Gear Index of Handmade Basket Bags, published earlier today.

  • Wald Half Basket, 137
  • Wald Half Basket, 137
  • Wald Half Basket, 137
Wald Half Basket, 139



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