WTB quietly announced a 29″ version of their popular Vigilante tire yesterday, bringing an aggressive tread pattern to the 29+ platform that’s both durable and supportive. Here’s everything you need to know…

As WTB puts it, “This may seem like nothing more than an additional size option to an already existing tire offering, but it represents more than that. It’s an addition to the 29+ market, which currently has few options in terms of aggressive tread patterns. The available options are even more minimal if you’re looking for a 29+ tire with a durable and supportive casing. The Vigilante 2.8 fills this void.”

The Vigilante 29 x 2.8″ will be available in three different models. A Tough/High Grip ($83.95), Tough/Fast Rolling ($83.95), and Light/High Grip with Slash Guard sidewall protection ($72.95). They are available for purchase now, with the exception of the Tough/High Grip model, in North America. All levels should be available for purchase by next month. Want to learn more about WTB’s TCS Tough technology? WTB Marketing Manager, Clayton Wangbichler, put together a quick article a few years back that’s worth checking out. Read it here.

  • WTB Vigilante 29+
  • WTB Vigilante 29+
WTB Vigilante 29+

For more info, head over to WTB.com or pop into your local bike shop. Also, don’t forget to check out our 29+ tire list and guide, showcasing a big selection of tire options for your 29+ bikepacking rig.



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