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Five Ten Kestral Shoes - Review
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Five Ten Kestrel Review: A clipless bikepacking option?

By Logan Watts on September 14, 2015

20 Discussion

What are the requirements for a good clipless bikepacking shoe? It needs to be stiff enough to pedal efficiently, have a form fit to maintain comfort over long rides, possess a hike-a-bike friendly sole, and remain fairly comfortable off the bike. Does Five Ten’s Kestral tick all the boxes?

Salsa Cutthroat - Jay Petervary, Bikepacking Tour Divide
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Jay Petervary’s Salsa Cutthroat: Post Tour Divide

By Logan Watts on September 7, 2015

37 Discussion

“At this point, after a 2,750 mile matrimony (the length of the Tour Divide), I think I have a pretty good grasp on the Salsa Cutthroat.” — Jay Petervary, Salsa Sponsored Rider. Detailed impressions, photos, and build kit.

Bikepacking First Aid Kit and Safety Gear

Have a Safe Journey + Plan a Bikepacking First Aid Kit

By Virginia Krabill on September 3, 2015

15 Discussion

What essentials belong in a proper first aid kit for backcountry bikepacking? How about items to include for an international dirt tour in the developing world? Find out from our resident nurse. Plus, bikepacking safety gear and necessary backcountry planning…

Trans America Off-Road Trail - Bikepacking, Swallows
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The Trans America Trail (TAT): 1,500 Mile Update

By Sarah Swallow on August 25, 2015

11 Discussion

Mid trip report and a lovely set of photos by Tom and Sarah Swallow from their first 1,500 miles on the Trans America [off-road] Trail (TAT)…

Josh Kato, Tour Divide, 2015
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Josh Kato’s Winner Tour Divide Pack List

By Josh Kato on July 13, 2015

49 Discussion

What do you need to bring on the Tour Divide in order to win, and break records? We asked Josh Kato just that…

Bikepacking Tips
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42 Bikepacking Tips from the Wilderness (Part 2): Go Light & Stay Soft

By Logan Watts on November 24, 2014

23 Discussion

Bikepacking tips from the backcountry, part 2 … biscuits and cheesecake.

Surly Krampus vs ECR - Bikepacking and Dirt Road Touring
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Surly Krampus vs ECR: Bikepacking or Dirt-road Touring (part 2)

By Logan Watts on September 16, 2014

47 Discussion

Why the quiver is not dead: one for dirt-road touring and one for bikepacking.

Bikepacking Gear List - Packlist
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[Enduro] Bikepacking Gear List

By Logan Watts on August 12, 2014

18 Discussion

Prepped and ready for the unremitting ascents and knuckle-bleaching descents that make up an epic trail network in the western North Carolina Appalachians…

Bikepacking Gear List
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Bikepacking Gear: 9 New Toys for The Thick of Pisgah

By Logan Watts on August 6, 2014

10 Discussion

A preview of a few new items I’ve assembled for an upcoming bikepacking trip through the Appalachians…

Surly ECR - Bike Touring Gear
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Bike Touring Gear: 10 Useful Gear Picks (The Small Stuff)

By Logan Watts on April 14, 2014

28 Discussion

There are several small, but very useful, pieces of gear that have impressed me on our current tour, and a couple of items that have been with me since our last tour that have definitely proved their worth.

Bike Touring Pedals - Blackspire Sub4
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Kicking & Screaming: Platform Pedals for Bike Touring / Bikepacking

By Logan Watts on November 5, 2013

23 Discussion

Pedals and shoes have taken up a bit of research time recently. For all my past mountain biking exploits and previous travels I’ve passionately ridden SPDs, with clipless pedals as they are oddly dubbed. Not this time. Here is some minutiae regarding my foray into platforms and bike travel shoes.

Surly Troll - Bike Touring Nicaragua - Rohloff, Panniers, Tubus Rack, Old Man Mountain Pioneer Rack
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Pan-Am Bike Tour Packlist

By Logan Watts on June 4, 2013

29 Discussion

Listed below is what I had on my 5-month tour of Mexico and Central America. This is hardly a minimalist kit, but it carried me through some cold nights in the high altitudes of Mexico and Guatemala as well as some ridiculously hot days in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.