Most Commented Posts of 2017

Your comments and discussion play a major role in what makes this site special. From helping keep routes updated, to offering valuable opinion on the topic at hand, we are grateful for every last one. As a nod to our appreciation, here is a list of the top 12 most commented posts of 2017.

With almost 1,000 posts published on the site — including routes and events — and an open comments system, we get a lot of feedback. And while we sometimes miss a few, we try to respond as much as possible to answer questions, update information, and promote discussion. Adding depth, debate, and opinion to many topics, we feel comments are as important to the site as the posts themselves. Thanks you for collaborating. Here are the 12 most commented posts of 2017 — actually 13 because of a tie — ordered by number of comments at the time of publication.

Rise of Bikepacking

The Rise of Bikepacking: A Manifesto

Nov 2017 / 103 Comments / Visit Post

To answer queries into our motives, and to make transparent our mission behind the site, we released a ‘manifesto’ back in early November.

2017 Surly Ogre Review

Surly Ogre Review

Feb 2017 / 94 Comments / Visit Post

Following the Troll’s revamp, it was only a matter of time before Surly’s 29er all-rounder, the Ogre, underwent a similar transformation. In this piece Cass dug into the details of its 2017 incarnation and thoughts on its frameset, set up with 27.5+ wheels.

Monumental Loop Bikepacking Route, New Mexico

Monumental Loop

Jan 2017 / 87 Comments / Visit Post

Weaving together a network of rarely ridden singletrack, backcountry dirt roads, and sandy washes into an expansive Figure 8, Matt Mason’s Monumental Loop maximises time spent exploring the Organ Mountains and the surrounding Chihuahuan Desert… It’s a tough one though!

People's Liberation Drivetrain, AK47

People’s Liberation Drivetrain

Aug 2017 / 63 Comments / Visit Post

Skyler’s lively article and tech piece about a drivetrain that challenges the institution with affordability and durability.

buy More Gear, Protect Public Lands

Buy More Gear.

Dec 2017 / 59 Comments / Visit Post

Logan’s tongue-and-cheek titled reaction to Trump and Utah’s action to dismantle Bear’s Ears and Grand Staircase. All in effort to bring more attention to the threats to our public lands… the lifeblood of bikepacking.

Ortlieb Gravel Packs, Panniers

Ortlieb Gravel-Pack: A Bikepacking Pannier

Apr 2017 / 58 Comments / Visit Post

Back in April, the ORTLIEB Gravel-Pack was released as a “bikepacking-specific” pannier set. That alone made it a hotly commented topic…

Bikepacking Tusheti

The Breaking Trail

Sept 2017 / 50 Comments / Visit Post

Logan’s feature story from the Republic of Georgia with tales of being carted out on a stretcher from the remote Caucasus mountains in Tusheti National Park.

Trans Ecuador Mountain Bike Route (TEMBR), Dirt Road Version

Trans Ecuador Mountain Bike Route (TEMBR)

Mar 2017 / 50 Comments / Visit Post

The challenging Trans Ecuador Mountain Bike Route (Dirt Road Version) runs the length of the country’s volcanic corridor, following jeep tracks and tertiary, low traffic sealed roads. Meandering a remote course through the Ecuadorian Andes, it connects vibrant, colourful market towns with small mountain settlements.

Grand Staircase Loop, Bikepacking Grand Staircase - Escalante, Utah

Grand Staircase Loop

Sept 2017 / 46 Comments / Visit Post

With abundant scenery and wide open camping, Jamie Mefford’s Grand Staircase Loop was designed to bring awareness of the beautiful and threatened Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area…

Tumbleweed Prospector

California Basketpackin’

Mar 2017 / 46 Comments / Visit Post

Back in the early spring, Cass gave a bit of sage advice for gear and tips on running a ‘basketpacking’ setup…

Best Bike Bell

In Search of The Best Bike Bell

Mar 2017 / 46 Comments / Visit Post

Logan decided to test several popular bike bells on his local bike path that leads to the trails of Pisgah. Sharing the path with walkers, joggers, and other cyclists made it the perfect proving ground.

Bikepacking Gear That Lasts

Bikepacking Gear That Lasts

Nov 2017 / 44 Comments / Visit Post

Instead of a gift roundup this year, we decided to compile a list of bikepacking gear that has held up after a lot of use and many miles of abuse.

1x10 drivetrain

Budget 1×10

May 2017 / 42 Comments / Visit Post

In this post from May, Cass took a look at 1×10 budget options by recycling parts close at hand and showed how switching to a relatively wide range 1×10 drivetrain is both easy and affordable.

Thanks for all the comments in 2017. As mentioned, we truly appreciate the value that discussion, debate, and your experience add to our content. Keep ’em coming in 2018!




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2017 most commented


Please keep the conversation civil, constructive, and inclusive, or your comment will be removed.

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