Alexandera Houchin and the 2023 Tour Divide (Video)

Alexandera Houchin shot a bunch of short clips during her record-setting ride at the 2023 Tour Divide race and stitched it all together into a 20-minute video. Watch her recap video and find a handful of photos here…

Alexandera Houchin set a new women’s singlespeed record at the 2023 Tour Divide, besting her 2019 record by two hours. The iconic event follows the 2,700-mile Great Divide Mountain Bike Route from north to south, starting in Banff, Alberta, Canada, and finishing at the US/Mexico border in Antelope Wells, New Mexico. She shot videos on her phone during her race and stitched them together into a short video that you can watch below.

“She self-filmed this video on her iPhone 12. Nothing went according to plan, and the video was edited to reveal the emotional roller coaster one rides while chasing the Divide. The edit is not chronological, rather representative of what her memory of the effort felt like. She chose the wrong gearing for her body, and the 34×17 (2:1 ratio) required her to completely change her race strategy.” —Chumba USA

  • 2023 tour divide
  • 2023 tour divide
  • 2023 tour divide
  • 2023 tour divide
  • 2023 tour divide
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