Peter McColgan on the Caucasus Crossing (Video)

Ultra-endurance cyclist Peter McColgan took on the Caucasus Crossing bikepacking route in the Republic of Georgia back in 2019… on a gravel bike! Watch his video here, which captures some of the dirt roads and singletrack weaving through this magnificent mountain range…

You may recognize Peter’s name from a Dispatch a couple of days ago. Peter finished the 2021 Trans-Atlantic Way in first place, completing the route in just 5 days and 10 hours. After looking at his YouTube Channel—which features his mesmerizing bagpipe music—we learned that he rode the Republic of Georgia segment of our Caucasus Crossing bikepacking route. Along the way, Peter recorded loads of footage from his ride and made this video, which showcases much of the route’s terrain. Surprisingly, Peter tackled this chunky ride on a gravel bike! Watch it below, then scroll down to learn more about the route.

  • Caucasus Crossing, Bikepacking Georgia
  • Caucasus Crossing, Bikepacking Georgia
  • Caucasus Crossing, Bikepacking Georgia
  • Caucasus Crossing, Bikepacking Georgia
  • Caucasus Crossing, Bikepacking Georgia
Photos from Cass Gilbert’s scouting rides on the Georgian Caucasus Crossing
The Caucasus Crossing is a meandering traverse of the Georgian portion of Europe’s highest range. It offers a blend of classic mountain topography and rolling steppe, punctuated with a 12th Century monastery chiselled into a rockface, a ride around the country’s largest lake, a profusion of fortified towers, a generous handful of rugged passes, the inevitable run-ins with fierce Tushetian sheepdogs, and likely a few shots of chacha, the country’s potent homebrew, along the way. Find the full route guide here. And make sure to check out the Armenian segment here.

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