Spokes and Ropes (Video)

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The latest episode in Kitsbow’s 36 Hours series follows three friends on a climbing/bikepacking trip through the canyon lands south of Moab. Watch the video here and see the route map from their trip…

Spokes and Ropes is the next episode in Kitsbow’s “36 Hours,” a series that focuses on the fact that adventure is just outside our door. This short video follows Brook Warren, Jake Gerry, and Josh Conlon through the canyon lands around Moab during a multi-sport climbing/bikepacking adventure.

  • Spokes and Ropes video
  • Spokes and Ropes video
  • Spokes and Ropes video
“We value human-powered adventure. Those experiences where you move a little slower, put in a little more effort, and immerse yourself in the journey. We often bike just for fun, but this time we also wanted to use it for transportation. It’s better than walking because we could go farther, and better than driving because we could see more.”

Interested in a bikepacking route in this area of the canyon lands south of Moab, Utah? Check out our Kane Creek Pritchett Canyon Loop.