Cormac Berry’s Tasty Lolli

location Missouri, USA
We recognize Indigenous Peoples as the traditional stewards of this land. Moreflag On Oglala Sioux, Osage, Peoria & Kickapoo Land
  • Distance

    96 Mi.

    (154 KM)
  • Days


  • % Unpaved


  • % Singletrack


  • % Rideable (time)


  • Total Ascent


    (1,314 M)
  • High Point


    (411 M)
  • Difficulty (1-10)


  • 3
    Climbing Scale Fair45 FT/MI (9 M/KM)
  • -
    Technical Difficulty
  • -
    Physical Demand
  • -
    Resupply & Logistics
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Brandon Cottey

Brandon Cottey

Guest Contributor

Brandon Cottey is a husband and father of two. He hopes to leave a legacy for his children that will inspire them to be adventurous, take chances, and believe in the power of love. While home is in Springfield Missouri, he and his family call Japan their home away from home.

The Cormac Berry’s Tasty Lolli overnighter route is an immersion in small-town culture and hospitality, all the while experiencing the unique nature of the Ozarks directly from downtown Springfield, Missouri...
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Cormac Berry’s Tasty Lolli is a lollipop-shaped route that begins and ends in downtown Springfield, Missouri, traveling North to Stockton Lake. The first 29 miles are nice and leisurely, leaving Springfield and heading north. Once off the Frisco Highline Trail, the old gravel roads with sharp, punchy climbs and doubletrack beaten down by tractors and cattle will eventually lead you to Stockton Lake. Around the lake, nature abounds thanks to its non-development policy. The lake vistas and tree-covered hills are always worth a few photos.

  • Cormac Berry’s Tasty Lolli bikepacking route, Missouri
  • Cormac Berry’s Tasty Lolli bikepacking route, Missouri
  • Cormac Berry’s Tasty Lolli bikepacking route, Missouri

The Ozarks region, specifically Southwest Missouri, is a beautiful place. The route slices through thickly wooded groves that diminish the brutal midsummer sun, runs along vast crop fields and open land, and leads you into small and humble communities like Willard, Dadeville, and Walnut Grove where early 1900s farm homes still stand proudly amongst their humble backdropped communities. This is a great first-time bikepacking route as well as a chill weekend getaway. When returning to Springfield, make sure you swing into one of the many local breweries and coffee shops as your reward.

Route Difficulty

This route scores a 2 out of 10. While the total mileage is close to 100 miles, there are plenty of resupply points along the route and the riding is not technical. However, the total elevation gain is 4,309 feet. If riding in the summer months, temperatures can be very hot with high humidity.

Route Development: The Cormac Berry Tasty Lolly Route was developed by Brandon Cottey and Isaac Neale.

Local OvernighterThis route is part of the Local Overnighter Project, which was created to expand our growing list of worldwide bikepacking routes—the first and largest of its kind—and create an independent map and catalog of great bikepacking overnighters, curated by you, from your own backyard. Our goal is to have accessible routes from every town and city in the world. Learn MoreBikepacking Overnighters
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  • A plethora of local coffee shops in Springfield.
  • An assortment of local breweries. All offering a true taste of the Ozarks.
  • A local bike shop snuggled right along the Frisco Highline Trail.
  • Short, punchy climbs, indicative to the Ozarks terrain.
  • Incredible views of Stockton Lake.
  • Small, kind-hearted farming communities.
  • Beat up old tractor roads. Only trotted by farmer, cow, and the occasional crazy bikepacker.
  • The best time of the year to enjoy the Ozarks’ beauty is early October through early November.
  • If riding in the Summer months, temperatures can easily get up to 100ºF with 90% humidity. 
  • Between April and June, there is potential for flooded roads near the lake.
  • The Free Parking garage east of Kingdom Coffee is the best place to park if you are driving to the start of the route.
  • Camping at Cedar Ridge Campground is $7.50 per person. Cash is king. They will take credit cards, but the internet at the lake can be very slow.
  • Cedar Ridge Campground at Stockton Lake is the campground shown on the map here, but there are numerous camping sites available around the lake. This particular campground makes the most sense with this route as some can be another 15 or 20 miles around the lake.
  • Kingdom Coffee (Mile 0)
  • Frisco Bike Shop (Mile 11.6)
  • Bullseye Gas Station (Mile 13)
  • Bait Masters Gas Station (Mile 36)
  • Nard’s Kitchen (Mile 60)
  • 7C’s Winery (Mile 70.6)
  • Springfield Brewing Company (Mile 95.6)

Additional Resources

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