Donnie Kolb

Velo Dirt

Bikepacking Routes Ambassador

Over the past year, multi-day off-road bike camping (AKA ‘bikepacking’), has exploded in popularity, especially in Oregon. No other person has helped this movement more than the man behind and, Donnie Kolb.

Kolb reportedly discovered this style of riding by accident. One day out on a ride, he and some friends found themselves pedaling a route where most the roads were dirt and gravel… in the middle of nowhere. He loved it. Since then Donnie has seeking out these kind of routes and organizing informal gravel rides to the far corners of the state. The best and most well known of these is the Oregon Outback, an epic 364 mile group ride that traverses the heart of Oregon. First held in May of 2014, the unsupported and unofficial ride was tackled by over 100 cyclists who pedaled loaded bikes on a dirt odyssey across the beaver state.

Donnie has a lot of plans for future rides and routes, so check out his site and stay tuned for more…

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