Skyler Des Roches

Off Route

Skyler Des Roches

Skyler found bikepacking after falling in love with mountain wilderness via skis, crampons, and rope.

He first toured on a bicycle in 2008, and despite an inspiring trip overseas, quickly lost interest in the paved highways around his hometown of Vancouver, BC. Meanwhile, a siren song floated down from unseen mountainscapes and he found his way on foot, touring skis, and climbing gear. All of the mountain sports he has tried are means to a common objective: to discover and to experience the expansion of his own universe. Thanks to an accidental impulse purchase of a fat-tired mountain bike, the way Skyler looks at a map has once again been altered. 

In 2013, Skyler lived in a $100 minivan for six months while working full time in the forest. In 2014, he’s spent more nights in a sleeping bag than not. When he grows up, he’d like to get paid to write and take photos, but for now, he does it for free at

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