Rigs of the 2023 Colorado Trail Race

The 2023 Colorado Trail Race follows a challenging 530-miles route winding through the Colorado Rocky Mountains between Durango and Denver. The riders of this year’s grand depart took off early yesterday morning, and with their help, we’ve gathered details on more than 30 rigs that are out tackling the trail. Check them all out here…

Following last week’s Rigs of the 2023 Silk Road Mountain Race, we’re back with the Rigs of the 2023 Colorado Trail Race. There are more than 70 riders registered for the roughly 530-mile ride from Durango to Denver, and it’s always a dynamic event to follow. Approximately 300+ miles of the route are on singletrack at elevations ranging from 5,500 feet to a hypoxic 13,200 feet. One minute riders will be smelling flowers in beautiful meadows and the next they’ll be dodging hail and lightning strikes. The Colorado Trail is no joke, and anything can happen.

Just a week ago, Timon Fish finished the Colorado Trail northbound route with an incredible time of just 3 days, 16 hours, and 13 minutes, setting a new fastest known time. There are some strong riders in this year’s grand depart, including Lael Wilcox; Katya Rakhmatulina, who finished in second place in the 2023 Tour Divide women’s category; as well as Miron Golfman, who won the 2023 Iditarod Trail Invitational. Alexandera Houchin is also back for 2023 after taking first place and setting a new record in the women’s category at last year’s event. According to Trackleaders, there are a whopping 14 singlespeeders this year, including Jefe Branham, who set a new singlespeed record on the Arizona Trail Race last year. Further, Ana Jager is also out riding the route after becoming the second woman ever to complete the Triple Crown Challenge in a single calendar year last year.

As always, we’ve worked with the participants of this year’s event to collect bike and gear info for nearly 40 riders who will be taking on the route. Scroll through and get a good look at everyone’s rigs, then head over to the 2023 Colorado Trail Tracker page to follow along live.

Chad Ament

Age 37 / Durango, Colorado (USA)

2023 CTR rigs

BIKE: Surly Krampus. 30x22T. I finished on this bike before with gears, but have been returning to my BMX roots the last year with single speed. The bike is about 3lb lighter without gears, so I’m taking about 3lb more in warmer clothes than last time. I’m always cold. Everything is packed very centrally so the bike rides like a real bike. Nothing is in my seat bag except rain gear, and the bar bag is just winter gloves, down coat, waterproof socks, etc.
BAGS: JPaks, Oveja Negra, and Revelate Designs on the bike, with a very lightly packed Osprey pack on my back.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’ll bee sleeping with a folding Therm-a-Rest and Enlightened Equipment quilt inside a bug bivy, and since nothing has to be inflated or setup it’s easy and fast. I have a dyneema tarp that I’ll set up if it’s looking like rain. So much Tailwind drink mix is packed. So excited to get out there again!

Dean Anderson

Age 50 / St. Albert, Alberta (Canada)

2023 Colorado trail race rigs

BIKE: My steel steed is a Kona Unit X with an empty derailleur hanger. I’m following Neil Beltchenko’s advice and running a 2.4” Maxxis Recon on the front and a 2.4” Ardent on the rear. The single speed ratio is 30t on the front and a big 24t Endless Bikes cog on the back because my bike’s heavy and I’m getting old. My front fork is a Fox Stepcast 32 with 100mm of travel.
BAGS: My frame bag, top tube bag, and feedbags (or watering holes) are handmade by Thief Bikepacking in Jasper, Canada. My super old Revelate front roll has been with me for thousands of kilometers including on the Tour Divide and AZTR750. Brand new is the Revelate Shrew seat bag that had to be small so I could actually use a dropper with my short legs. Not shown is my Salomon ADV SKIN 12 running vest for water and extra food.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’m sleeping in an OR Helium Bivy, which might still be waterproof, a NeoAir XLite pad, and Enlightened Equipment quilt. It’s all well used stuff so hopefully I stay dry and warm. For navigation, I’m using my tried-and-true eTrex 30 with the course on my phone as a backup. My lights are Fenix flashlights that are attached to my bike and helmet in various ways. Everything runs on AAs except my phone.

Matt Annabel

Age 48 / Carbondale, Colorado (USA)

2023 CTR rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding my old buddy “Badger,” a 2017 Why Cycles Wayward, whose name found us during last year’s race. This will be our second journey across the Colorado sky. We are geared 32x22T with an Absolute Oval up front, a Problem Solvers SRAM adapter in back, and a Cane Creek eeWings swank-crank to make the world go round. Running mismatched I9 wheels with Maxxis Rekon 29×2.6″ rubber.
BAGS: Gondola seat pack, custom frame bag, and top tube bags by Rockgeist. Feed bag and Pronghorn front roll by Revelate Designs. A much loved Canelo handlebar harness by Rogue Panda will lead the way. I’ll wear a lightly loaded (usually) Ultimate Direction Fastpack 20L on my back.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Decided to leave the Dynamo and Klite at home for this mission. I’m too darn slow to make them glow on the CT (sad poopy face). Instead, a handful of tiny Nitecore 10000mAh Power Banks will keep the cockpit charged. A Fenix PD35 (helmet mounted) paired with a Fenix BC26R (bar mounted) will shine up my nights. My shelter and sleep gear consist of a Zpacks Altaplex tarp-tent, a Sea to Summit Spark 40 degree shiver-sack, and a SOL Escape bivy for a little more warmth when things go all ‘hair dryer in the bathtub’ at 12k. Scrap for them slaps Barn Cats!

Nick Armano

Age 44 / Hesperus, Colorado (USA)

2023 Colorado trail race rigs

BIKE: A few minor changes from 2021 CTR setup with some added rain gear. Salsa Carbon Horsethief XT with Fasst handlebars. Easton Carbon hoops laced to I9 Hydras with 2.6″ Rekons. Wolf tooth 28T oval up front. Ergon on contact points.
BAGS: Salsa EXP frame bag holds the repair stuff, the 100oz water bag, and a jacket. Food and gear are in multiple generations of Revelate Designs: Jerry Can, Mag Tank, older small Sweetroll, Mountain Feed Bag, and a Vole seatbag. Also a relic Defiant feed bag. Together, they keep me backpack free!
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Like riding a whole new bike after full suspension modification from Diaz Suspension Design. Together with the suspension bar (Fasst), hopefully hands will work after the ride. Rockgeist Spacelink, so clean and sexy in the cockpit. Definitely bringing a rain fly this year.

Brad Bensley

Age 48 / Cheyenne, Wyoming (USA)

2023 Colorado Trail Race Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding a 2022 Why Cycles “El Jefe”. Using Ergon grips and saddle cause I’m sensitive.
BAGS: The bags are whatever I could make work. The Salsa frame bag will dispense the burritos. The Joey down tube bag is all bike fixing stuff. The seat bag is jam packed with Mont Bell rain gear. On the handlebar is a very minimal tarp from Dutchware, a hammock, and Big Agnes sleeping bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’m taking tunes for those long detours and I’m planning to sleep in a hammock up off the ground high and dry no packing up heavy wet gear and no looking for level cow chip free spots.

Jefe Branham

Age 50 / Gunnison, Colorado (USA)

2023 Colorado trail race rigs

BIKE: Riding a Revel El Jefe with a 120 SID, Revel R30 rims on Paul Word hubs, Code RSC brakes, 180/160, metal pads. X01 Cranks, 30×22 gearing, Profile freewheel. 160mm Wolftooth dropper and lever, 50mm stem, Answer 20/20 bars, inner and regular bar ends. ESI on the bar ends, Ergon GA3.
BAGS: Carrying all the gear with a Jpaks Footlong and RukSak for food, a Bedrock Tapeats for electronics. Also homemade frame, seat and front bags for carrying food, clothing and my bivy. I am also wearing a homemade hydration vest that will be hauling 2-3 liters of water, hygene kit, water filter, and rear blinky light.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: The CTR is all about moving forward, and on a rough trail with that much climbing you need to keep your kit light and sleek so you can keep going for those long long days. I have a tight and refined kit with rain gear and warm clothes, just an Escape bivy for shelter and room for lots of food. I’ll have my trusty Etrex 20 for navigation, Inreach Mini for tracking, Fenix BC26r on the helmet and the bars, 6-ish 5000mah light batteries total, one 10000 cache battery for charging inreach and phone.

Joshua Cameron

Age 45 / Loveland, Colorado (USA)

2023 Colorado Trail Race Rigs

BIKE: Binary Chuparosa, SRAM XX1 drivetrain, Shimano XTR brakes, DT Swiss hubs with Carbon fan wheels, Whiskey carbon handlebars, Brooks C17 saddle, Maxxis Recon tires.
BAGS: Bedrock Bags frame bag with Revelate Designs bags on the bars.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I use an Exposure 6pack to light up the night and a Garmin 1030 gps if I need directions.

Simon Eglinton

Age 26 / Adelaide, South Australia (Australia)

2023 Colorado trail race rigs

BIKE: For this trip I’m riding a Merida 96 with a full XT groupset and 30T chainring. The Sector 9i carbon hoops are pumped with a 2.40″ Rekon up front and an 2.35″ Ardent Race on the back. Fox suss and a dropper for the gnarly bits.
BAGS: Fair bit of Revelate here with a Joey, Gas Tank and a Shrew. Oveja Negra lunchbox over the make-shift bivvy/Voile roll. Some aussie made bags to round out with a Bike Bag Dude TT bag, random crumpler add-on, Yeah Nah Threadworks feedbags and a HUNGRY big lunch on the caboose.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Guided by an eTrex 22x. Grabbing some kip in a cheap bivvy, CCF mat and one planet down bag (more aussie made gear). Lighting system is a cleanskin unite 1000 pair. One on the bars, one of the helmet, love these with a replaceable 18650.

Kevin Frieh

Age 35 / Victor, Colorado (USA)

2023 CTR rigs

BIKE: Why Cycles El Jefe, Pike Ultimate 130mm, Revel RW30 wheels, Rekon 2.6” tires.
BAGS: Oveja Negra up front, Revelate in the center, Rockgeist back.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’m bringing more comfort gear than most. Sea to Summit Spark 2 sleeping bag, Therm-a-Rest xLite NXT mat, Nemo Hornet 1p tent, down jacket, rain gear. For hydration, using a Katadyn filter with HydraPak 1L/bottles. Garmin 830. Mango Beny Lochochas.

Chris Halioris

Age 54 / Crestwood, Kentucky (USA)

2023 Colorado Trail Race Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding my OLD Cannondale Scalpel 1×11 30×42 (absolute black oval). Maybe the old Lefty’s last voyage so will need to make it a good one. Threw a pair of new Vittoria Mezcal 2.25″ tires on my Industry 9 Trail 245 wheels. You can also see the dual water bottle mounts on the lefty (King Cage mounts).
BAGS: Aeroe Spider rear rack with 2.8L Aeroe bags and miscellaneous feed bag on bars. Remaining bags all from Bedrock Bags: custom frame bag, handlebar bag with pouch, Dakota and Kayenta Tank bags on the top tube.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 tent with a Rumpl quilt and Klymit V Lite Sleeping pad. Will be using the Garmin 1040 Edge Solar for navigation and a Noxgear 39g when the need for music arises.

Sarah Higgins

Age 24 / Salt Lake City, Utah (USA)

2023 Colorado trail race rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding my Specialized Epic Evo equipped with SRAM components and a 28T chainring. Tire wise, I’m running a 2.5″ DHF up front and 2.4″ DHR rear because I like to have fun on the descents.
BAGS: Bags are a mix of Rogue Panda and Revelate Designs. My personal favorite is the Nuke Sunrise handlebar harness and accessory pouch. So much room for all the snacks!
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Big Agnes tarp, 20 deg quilt, and Therm-a-Rest Neoair round out the sleep kit. Fenix PD35 for lights and Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT for navigation.

Kieran Hook

Age 25 / Santa Rosa, California (USA)

2023 Colorado trail race rigs

BIKE: I will be racing the CTR on my 2013 Intense Spider 29C. It features 130mm front and rear travel, components are a mix of Shimano XTR and XT with a 3×10 drivetrain. The bike has a Rockshox Reverb dropper, and for tires I am running 2.25″ Maxxis Rekons.
BAGS: Mostly Revelate bags with a custom Rockgeist framebag. My bivy is secured on top of my handlebar bag with voile straps. A Patagonia Nine Trails backpack will carry my hydration and extra food.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My sleep system consists of an Aldi special Blackwolf bivy, REI Igneo 17F bag, and Therm-a-Rest XTherm air pad. I have two lights and lithium power banks from Gemini, and for navigation I will use a Lezyne MegaXL gps. The total bike + gear weight comes in around 52lbs, plus another 8lbs in my backpack. I’ve managed to break and fix (sometimes JB Weld) just about everything on this bike, so I’ll be ready for whatever comes my way out there.

Alexandera Houchin

Age 32 / Cloquet, Minnesota (USA)

2023 Colorado Trail Race Rigs

BIKE: Chumba Sendero, 32x23T.
BAGS: Baryak Joe makes the whole handlebar bag and harness set up for me. For the frame bag, feed bag and top tube bag I have Katie and Andrew Strempke’s Dispersed bags in leopard print. Meow. The seat bag is a Rockgeist Gondola.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I really appreciate my I9 Hydra hubs after spending some time playing on other wheels earlier this summer. Again, I’m racing with the Cane Creek Helm WS. Love that fork. Maybe too beefy for the TD but solid for the CT. I also love the AXS dropper by SRAM, just a wee bit spendy to keep buying but I’m sold on how amazing they are.

Rasch Hole

Age 42 / Metairie, Louisiana (USA)

2023 Colorado trail race rigs

BIKE: Salsa Timberjack, 120mm Fox 34, SRAM Eagle 28/9-50T, Stamp 7 pedals, and TRP Spyres. Nobl tr32s, Onyx hubs, 2.6″ Mezcals.
BAGS: Rockgeist and Revelate Designs bags.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Outdoor research bivy, Big Agnes pillow, and a foam pad. Wool and down layers to be warm. Outdoor Research rain gear to stay dry. Garmin 840, inReach mini 2, Anker 10,000, Fenix hm65r. Nalgenes, hardside hydration swig 63, and whatever food fits in my pockets.

Petr Ineman

Age 45 / Downers Grove, Illinois (USA)

2023 Colorado Trail Race Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding my 3rd CTR on my Yeti SB 115 T2. Rolling on Maxxis Rekon 2.6″ tires on a carbon wheels I built myself with a Son dynamo hub and an Onyx rear hub….ahhhh so quiet! The drivetrain is all SRAM with an AXS rear derailleur.
BAGS: I’m very excited about my brand new beautiful custom frame bag built by Joe at JPaks I picked up just in time for the race. Other bags are mix of Revelate designs and Wolftooth. The front drybag is firmly held in place using a BarYak prototype UL rails and couple of Voile straps to keep it simple. Hidden down in the frame bag is Apidura 1.5L water reservoir.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: For a handful of nights I’m packing UL Tarptent ProTrail Dyneema tent, a Therm-a-Rest quilt and a sleeping pad. A powerful kLite Bikepacker light will help me keep going after sunset. A Vargo TI trowel poop shovel is also an essential part of my setup.

Travis Lenberg

Age 36 / Longmont, Colorado (USA)

2023 Colorado Trail Race Rigs

BIKE: I will be racing the Transition Spur instead of the hardtail this year. Running 28T chainring with 10-52T cassette to keep me pedaling! Fork has been increased to 130mm and inner bar ends added for all that pushing the CT has.
BAGS: Main frame bags and stem bags were custom made by Andrew/Katie Strempske at Dispersed. The rear saddle bag by Rogue Panda works great to utilize full rear travel with a dropper. Handlebar bag is from Revalate.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Given the weather outlook and 2021 race experience I am switching from a bivy/tarp to the Fly Creek UL1 tent to prioritize sleep and ability to stay dry. Same weight/volume but longer setup time. Ideally this will mean better recovery to move longer and faster. Moved away from lights with built in batteries in favor of Fenix lights with rechargeable batteries. Better run time with batteries that can be switched out as needed. The batteries serve dual use as I am able to charge my phone and Garmin Edge 840 navigation. Sleeping setup is a Enlightened Quilt with NeoAir sleeping pad.

Gordon MacMillan

Age 38 / Boulder, Colorado (USA)

2023 Colorado trail race rigs

BIKE: ’22 Santa Cruz Blur CC. TR format. I have fresh Ardent Race’s up front with Ikon rear. Drivetrain consists of Shimano 12 speed XT/XTR. Brakes are SRAM Code and my wheelset was built by C3 in Golden using Light bicycle wheels w/ DT Swiss hubs; Shoutout Andy because he loves when I talk about my hubs! I also run a Rockgeist Barjam brackets on the handlebar.
BAGS: Custom FramePak and Footlong EXT SnakPak by JPaks. Rockgeist dry bag up front nestled in a Defiant pack harness. Feedbags are Rockgeist honeypots. Saddlebag is a Revelate Vole.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: The Fenix HM65R-T headlamp is a standout amongst my gear. Runs forever, and the spotlight is incredible. Other than that my sleep kit is a Sea to Summit Spark SP1, Rab Apine Bivy and Nemo Tensor sleeping pad.

Jesse Mogler

Age 35 / Durango, Colorado (USA)

2023 Colorado trail race rigs

BIKE: Riding out of my driveway for the Grand Depart on my Santa Cruz Tallboy V5 frame with V4 XT components. 1×12 drivetrain with a 30T chainring. Santa Cruz 27mm Reserve rims covered in 2.4 Maxxis Ardent in the back and 2.4 Rekon up front.
BAGS: Rogue Panda frame bag. With a JPak Footlong and a Specialized hand me down top tube combo. Bedrock Moab on the handle bars. My spare tube and repair gear will be tucked away inside the internal glovebox on the down tube. I’ll be wearing an Osprey 1.5 Duro vest.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: 1.5 liters of water on my back and the ability to carry 2L in the frame bag when needed. For sleep I’ll have a sol escape bivy inside an Outdoor Research bivy on a shortened Z rest.

Scott Peitz

Age 45 / Lakeville, Minnesota (USA)

2023 Colorado trail race rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding my Chumba Stella Ti. The bike is paired with 120mm Fox 34 Step-Cast, PNW dropper, i9 wheelset and a 1×12 drivetrain. Tires are Maxxis Rekon 29×2.6″.
BAGS: The bike is kitted out in all Revelate Design bags other than the frame bag which is home built. Upfront I have a Revelate Sweet Roll, two Mountain Feedbags and a Mag-Tank. To finish it off a Terrapin seat pack. I will also be wearing a Salomon running vest with a 1.5L bladder.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: A Nemo Hornet OSMO tent, Enlighted Equipment quilt for resting. Wahoo Element Roam for navigation. Fenix BC 21R, HMR60 and kLite to fight the darkness. I will be using a LifeStraw Peak Squeeze to filter water. Oh, and a puffy jacket just in case!

Karin Pocock

Age 43 / Blue River, Colorado (USA)

2023 CTR rigs

BIKE: “Charlie”, a 2019 Santa Cruz Carbon Chameleon still going strong after all the miles! NOBL TR 37 Carbon Wheels with DT Swiss 350 hubs and Maxxis Rekon 2.4″ tires front and rear. All drivetrain components are SRAM XX1 or X01 with a 30x50T. SRAM G2 RSC brakes and H2S rotors. Carbon Next R bar, Reverb dropper, and a Selle Italia saddle that I’m quickly loving to death.
BAGS: Definitely a mixed bag here. JPaks foot long, Oveja Negra framebag and snack pack, Rockgeist carbon bar and front roll, Revelate Designs feedbags, and Wolf Tooth components for a tiny bag under the seat.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Big changes this year are the NOBL carbon wheels which have been amazing to ride, super compliant and made in Cumberland, BC where I used to live! The waist pack from Wolf Pax has also been an amazing addition and is by far the lightest and most versatile pack I’ve ever had. Beyond that the “no weak shit” sticker from 30 Seconds Out apparel that I have crazy glued to my top tube bag might be the most inspiring piece of gear riding with me this year.

Johnny Price

Age 37 / Cloquet, Minnesota (USA)

2023 Colorado Trail Race Rigs

BIKE: Ti Chumba Stella, single speed 34 x 23T, i9 wheels with Maxxis recon tires.
BAGS: Dispersed frame bag and feed bags, Baryak Talon cockpit and front roll, Bedrock seat bag, Jpaks top tube bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Baryak cockpit, Dispersed bags, kLite dynamo light.

Alex Schultz

Age 29 / Marquette, Michigan (USA)

2023 CTR rigs

BIKE: I’ll be racing the CTR on a Specialized Epic Evo this year. The bike is built out with Shimano XTR and a Fox 34 130mm fork. I’ll be running a 30T chainring with a 51T cassette. I’ll be running Maxxis Ikon 2.35″ front and rear.
BAGS: The bike is fitted with Morrow Packs and a Bedrock Bags Moab handlebar bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: The Morrow Packs frame bag is amazing. I’ll be using an Orange Mud hydration pack for water and some food storage.

Indiana Schulz

Age 39 / Coal Valley, Illinois (USA)

2023 Colorado trail race rigs

BIKE: My lovely ‘ilo’ is a Solace Cycles OM-2P. It rolls on DT Swiss EX511 wheels with DT Swiss 350 hubs. Rubber is Maxxis Rekon up front, and Maxxis Ardent race on the rear. The drivetrain is a Pinion C1.12 with a Gates Belt. A PNW dropper post, Cane Creek bar ends, and 120mm Rock Shox Sid Ultimate keep things comfortable during the rowdy bits. Sinewave Cycles Beacon v2 to light the way.
BAGS: Shaka Packs custom frame bag. Rockgeist custom XL top tube bag. Salsa EXP cradle with Outdoor Research drybag. GONEX feed bags. Oveja Negra Royale pack. Ultimate Direction running pack.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: The pinion and gates combo is ridiculous. Big love for my Patagonia lightweight baselayer and Etrex 30, as both have seen over 37,000 miles of bikepacking. Last but not least, baby powder, poof-poof, IYKYK.

Robin Schwartz

Age 33 / Bend, Oregon (USA)

2023 Colorado trail race rigs

BIKE: Binary Bicycle SSP. Bike is pictured as SS but I will be adding a 1×11 deore groupset to help my chances of getting back to work on time. RockShox Sid Ultimate 120mm fork. Ergon saddle and grips w/Cane Creek bar ends for added comfort. PNW 800mm bars and 150mm dropper post. Maxxis Ardent race 2.35″ rear tire and Ardent 2.4″ in front.
BAGS: Mix of Revelate Designs and Bedrock bags.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Outbound Lighting hangover light mounted on the bars and a second outbound light mounted on my helmet. Multiple Nitecore/Anker power banks. Simple sleep system with SOL bivvy, Sea to Summit bag liner, and Klymit x-lite sleeping pad. Enlightened Equipment insulated booties (1st time trying these!). Will be carrying a 2L hydration USWE pack and one 26oz water bottle in a feed bag. Family picture taped to my top tube.

Scott Sebring

Age 56 / Bellefontaine, Ohio (USA)

2023 Colorado Trail Race Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding the Colorado Trail on a 2023 Esker Japhy. The bike features Industry Nine wheels with 2.6″ Schwalbe Nobby Nic tires setup tubeless. A 28T Chainring from Wolftooth Components and SRAM GX 10-52T.
BAGS: All bike bags are Revelate Designs. Spinelock seat bag, Rifter frame bag, Two feed bags, a Mag tank top tube bag, and Harness on the bars. Osprey Raptor 14L backpack for food and 2.5L water bladder.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: After the 2022 Tour Divide and a bivy in the snow…I’m going with a Nemo Dragonfly tent, and a 30 degree down bag. Wahoo Roam for navigation, along with maps and phone for backup. Garmin Inreach, Showers Pass waterproof socks (best used when your shoes are soaking wet and the rain has stopped).

Daniel Siegel

Age 33 / Denver, Colorado (USA)

2023 Colorado Trail Race Rigs

BIKE: I’m riding my first race of any kind on an aluminum 2020 Salsa Timberjack. This bike was an excellent used find. I can’t take credit for 99% of the build. The frame was mirror-polished by the original owner. I’m still holding onto the 27.5+ platform with Whisky carbon rims and 2.8″ Rekons. I installed a Microshift Advent X drivetrain and prefer its simplicity and durability to 11 or 12 speed drivetrains. I’m running a 28T chainring because hills are hard and there are a lot on this route.
BAGS: It’s a big mix of Revelate, JPaks, Salsa, and the Rockgeist. The Salsa rack’s extra weight is offset by the ability to strap calories aboard.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’m bringing a full tent (Big Agnes Fly Creek UL1) for a few hours of quality sleep. My “Naps Not Laps” water bottle will keep my constant intake of cold instant coffee and tailwinds flowing (separately, but sometimes together unintentionally) and remind me to take naps when needed. The Rockgeist Barjam was a recent purchase and I’m super happy with how stable it is while keeping cables from being crushed.

Mike Soucy

Age 44 / Longmont, Colorado (USA)

2023 Colorado Trail Race Rigs

BIKE: Transition Spur. 32T x 10-52T SRAM drivetrain, RockShox suspension. Maxxis Rekon and Ardent Race tires. Ergon grips and Chromag saddle.
BAGS: Rogue Panda and Revelate Designs bags.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Wahoo, Gaia, and inReach devices for navigation. Fenix lighting.

Nick Swerdlin

Age 31 / Gunnison, Colorado (USA)

2023 Colorado trail race rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding a Santa Cruz carbon Chameleon (Eleanor). Eleanor is running a 1×12 SRAM drivetrain with a 30T chainring, Reserve SL30 wheels laced with I9 Hydras, and Hayes Dominion brakes.
BAGS: My bags are a mix. Rogue Panda frame bag, JPaks snakpak, Oveja Negra chuck buckets, and a Rockgeist harness and front roll.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’ve decided to bring a small pack for water and rain gear. I’m also bringing a Nemo Hornet tent and 30 degree sleeping bag, small pad, and pillow to have sweet sweet dreams of finishing. Navigation will be a Garmin edge 530 and LOTS of battery packs.

Edyn Teitge

Age 14 / Hailey, Idaho (USA)

2023 Colorado trail race rigs

BIKE: I’ll be racing the 2023 CTR on a Pivot Les. It has a 10-50T cassette with a 32T chainring up front. I’ll be riding Maxxis tires with an Ardent Race on an old Roval wheel up front and an Ikon mounted on a Bontrager wheel in the back. On the bars, I have a Fenix Light along with some cheap armrests that I robbed off a 20-dollar pair of Amazon aero-bars.
BAGS: For my bags, I’ll be running an awesome custom frame bag along with a custom handlebar bag from FBJ Creations. These will be paired with a super sturdy rack and top tube bag from Tailfin Cycling. On the Tailfin rack I have a pretty generic dry bag that holds my sleep kit and cold weather gear. My water storage will be split between two liters on my back and a bottle on my top tube, I will also have extra water capacity for dry stretches.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: For shelter, I have an Outdoor Research Helium Bivy and inside of that I have a Big Agnes Pluton UL 40. And to make food I will be cold-soaking Good To Go meals in a Vargo Bot.

Kristen Tonsager

Age 40 / Denver, Colorado (USA)

2023 Colorado trail race rigs

BIKE: I’ll be racing the Revel Ranger for my 5th run down the CT! She will be sporting a Fox 34 fork, Revel RW30 Rims laced to I9 purple Hydra hubs with Maxxis Minion DHF (front) and Aggressor (rear) tires. I’m running a SRAM Eagle drivetrain with the one and only rainbow chain and Shimano XT 4 piston brakes.
BAGS: JPaks all the way, baby! The custom checker print Framepak, Toolpak and Footlong EXT Snakpak, accented with an OHS support patch and colorful zipper garages, are back for another round and still going strong since their debut 2 years ago. The kit is rounded out with a JPaks Dropperpak V.2, Refugi harness, 2 Ruksaks and a BattPak down low along with my custom three-eyed cat front handlebar pouch that will continue to be part of the Triple Crown kit. I will also be wearing a Black Diamond Distance 4 running vest to warm burritos on my back.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’ll be using the Black Diamond Spotlight Bivy with a Sea to Summit Spark bag for those moments of sleep, while the Fenix BC30 bar light and BCR26R head light will keep me riding through the night.

Josh Tucker

Age 36 / Richmond, Virginia (USA)

2023 Colorado trail race rigs

BIKE: Why El-Jefe “Orbi”, setup single speed (32 x 22, with Absolute Black oval chainring). Fox 34 120 mm fork. Maxxis Rekon 2.4″ front, and Rekon Race 2.4″ rear. Hope Tech 3 E4 brakes, Ergon SM comp saddle, SQ labs bars. SON-28 Dynamo, with kLite front/rear light and charging kit.
BAGS: My bags are a combination of Rockgeist (frame bag, top tube bag, and front drybag) and Revelate Designs (front harness, feed bags, and saddle bag).
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: EE Revelation 20 degree quilt, OR Helium Bivy, Therm-a-Rest Xlite sleeping pad, Montbell Plasma 1000 jacket, two Nitecore NC 10000 batteries, Fenix BC26r Bike Light w/ extra batts, Black Diamond Storm headlamp, Garmin Edge 1030 solar, JBL clip 3, Salomon adv 12 vest.

Al Wade

Age 52 / Plano, Illinois (USA)

2023 Colorado trail race rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding my titanium Vassago Mooseknuckle 29r single speed with a 28×21 gear ratio. Vittoria Mezcals are mounted on a pair of NOBL rims laced to Onxy hubs in a really wild antifreeze color way. I’m using the tried true Anything Cradle by Salsa for my sleep kit. My fork is a Lauf Grit for a little extra squish for this die hard rigid rider.
BAGS: I’m using a combination of Dispersed Bikepacking for my frame, top tube and seat tube bags, a Salsa dry bag on my handlebars and Swift Industries Olliepack for my seatbag. A 1.5L bladder will sit at the base of my frame bag. Two bottles will be mounted to my for and a third on the down tube.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’ll be using Outbound’s Trail Evo and Hangover bike helmet light to light my way while a Garmin 1030 and Garmin inReach 2 will keep me on course. For warmth I’ll be taking shelter in a Zpacks Free Trio tent with a down comforter and ground pad by Klymit. My favorite part of my bike might just be the rear cog by Boone.

Kristen Wade

Age 44 / Plano, Illinois (USA)

2023 Colorado Trail Race Rigs

BIKE: For the CTR I’ll be riding my titanium Vassago Mooseknuckle set up single speed (30×22). My rear cog is a titanium Boone in an espresso color. I’ve swapped out my beefy mid fats for a set of Vittoria Mezcals in 2.25″ and 2.5” on 29” NEXTIE carbon rims which are laced onto a rear Profile single speed hub and a front SON Dynamo hub to light my way. Did I mention my hubby built my wheels? For suspension, Fox has got me covered! My dropper is a PNW, nothin too fancy, but reliable. Bars, grips and nubbins are by SQlab. Saddle by Brooks.
BAGS: I’ve got a little of everything but my favorite pieces are those made by Andrew at Dispersed Bikepacking. I’m able to fit a 1.5L bladder at the base of my frame bag, even on a small bike with plenty of room for gummy Skittles, Nutella and tortillas. Also, my top tube bags are both by Dispersed. My sleep kit resides inside my Salsa dry bag which is mounted to the Anything Cradle. All of my electronics fit nicely inside the Anything Pouch. My clothes will be nice and dry inside my Swift Industries Olliepack seatbag which is just large enough. I will have a 32 oz Nalgene strapped to the down-tube. My favorite bag, not pictured, is my new hip pack by Dispersed! I’ve got this pink theme going and I managed to tie it all together with the fanny pack, cuz you know, fashion is my passion. I’m hoping to stuff a few frozen “pocket burritos” in there cozied up with my raincoat.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: To light up the trail in the wee hours of day one, I’ll be using my Sinewave Cycles Beacon light mounted on my handle bars and a Hangover helmet light by Outbound on my nugget. My bell and Noxgear Bluetooth speaker are probably my two favorite pieces of gear. Oh, and all of the candy, that’s a big no duh!

Lael Wilcox


2023 CTR rigs

BIKE: Specialized Epic EVO with SRAM transmission, Ergon grips and saddle.
BAGS: Custom Revelate Designs frame bag, Mag-Tank, Pronghorn harness.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’ll be navigating with a Wahoo ROAM and have my phone on a Quad Lock for on-the-go logistics. I’m using Fenix lights and flip-flop pedals so I can wear both bike shoes and running shoes.

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