The Great American Wheel Race is a mixed terrain self-supported race following a 3,700 mile route across the USA…


Date: June 9

Time: 6:00 am


Cost: $125

Event Website

Organizer: Getsome Cycling


The 2024 inaugural Great American Wheel Race (mixed terrain/gravel is a 3,700 mile self-supported race that begins at the landmark Seattle Space Needle on June 9, 2024, and ends at the Washington Monument in Washington D.C.

This fabulous and scenic route across the U.S. utilizes established Great American Rail-Trails across the U.S. while linking other bike trails and gravel roads to provide the safest less traveled roads possible. The route consists of gravel paths, paved paths, gravel, and paved roadways, with a goal to be separated from vehicle traffic as much as possible with gentle grades. Come “Get Some” and enjoy this phenomenal race crossing the U.S. from the West Coast to the East Coast.