WTB just added several interesting new products to its accessory lineup that could be useful for bikepackers. Get to know the WTB TCS Rocket Tire Plug Kit & Plug Pack, NanoAir TPU Tubes, and TCS Max-Flow Valves here…

Today, WTB released a bundle of new accessories that look promising for anyone running tubeless tires on their bike. The drop includes a new tubeless plugger kit and plugs, ultralight TPU tubes, and tubeless valves. Find details on everything below.

WTB TCS Rocket Tire Plug Kit & Plug Pack

The TCS Rocket Tire Plug Kit is a tubeless plugger with a twist. The pointed end of the tool that holds the plug is designed to come off with the plug, living inside the tire to ensure the plug stays in place. What’s neat is that the ends, which WTB calls Rocket Anchors, can be removed from the tire (with the tire removed from the rim) and put back into the tool for future use. Two different sizes of Rocket Anchors can hold up to four tire plugs each and can be pre-loaded with tire plugs, and there’s even a built-in temporary tire plug that comes with the tool to limit air loss before plugging. Everything lives inside a slick aluminum case with a slip-fit cap for quick access. Each tool comes with 15 tire plugs and internal storage for four anchors.

  • WTB TCS Tire Plug
  • WTB TCS Tire Plug

WTB also offers a TCS Rocket Tire Plug Pack for when refills are needed. Each pack includes 15 1.5mm tire plugs and four anchors (two small and two large). They are optimized to work with the WTB tool but can also work with other tire pluggers in a pinch. Refill kits come packaged in 100% recyclable compressed pulp paper. The TCS Rocket Tire Plug Kit weighs 56 grams and costs $44.95 USD. The Plug Pack costs $17.95.

WTB NanoAir TPU Tubes

The WTB NanoAir TPU Tubes are ultralight spare tubes that, according to WTB, pack down to around a third of the size of a standard butyl tube and weigh 60% less. They are offered in three sizes: 29 x 1.9-2.5″, 700 x 32-47mm, and 700 x 18-32mm. Each tube comes with two glueless TPU patches, and it ships in 100% recycled and recyclable packaging. The 29″ NanoAir tube costs $34.95, and the 700c models cost $32.95.

2024 WTB plugger tpu tubes

WTB TCS Max-Flow Valves

The new WTB TCS Max-Flow Valves are aluminum tubeless valves with a tire-insert-compatible base, an 84% larger diameter bore size to reduce clogging and increase air flow, and an ergonomically shaped knurled nut that’s easier to tighten. The valves use standard Presta valve cores and a universal rubber base that’s compatible with all rim widths and offsets. They weigh 11 grams/pair and cost $24.95.


Find details on everything over at WTB.com.

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