Earlier this morning, Andrew Strempke rolled into Antelope Wells, New Mexico, to finish the 2022 Tour Divide and become the first singlespeeder to cross the finish line. Find details here…

Cover photo by Eddie Clark

Shortly after midnight last night, 29-year-old Coloradan Andrew Strempke arrived at Antelope Wells to finish out his 2022 Tour Divide and take the first place slot in the singlespeed category. Andrew finished the race in 16 days, 19 hours, and 12 minutes (16:19:12) aboard his trusty Chumba Sendero Ti set up with 32×16 gearing and his own custom-made bags. You can find more about his rig in our roundup linked in the Related Content grid below. Congrats, Andrew!

2022 Tour Divide Recap, Eddie Clark

At the time of posting, Andrew’s partner, Katie Strempke, is about 380 miles from the finish. Katie is also singlespeeding and we’re looking forward to seeing her take one of the top slots in the women’s race. Stay tuned…

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