We’re clearing out back issues of The Bikepacking Journal and offering copies of 08 and 09 in this one-time sale. If you’re missing a copy from your collection, or would like to see what all the hype’s about, here a rare chance to snag one…

Last week, we sent an email to members reporting that we found some back issues of The Bikepacking Journal left over in our distribution center. That included issues 08 (spring 2022) and 09 (fall 2022), which we offered exclusively to members at a discount to help them complete their collections. However, after that sale, we still have some copies remaining, and we’re now making them available to the general public. Read on for details.

Bikepacking Journal Back Issue Sale

This is a one-time sale, and we have limited quantities available in Germany and the US, so make sure you pick the correct product. Also, please limit your purchase to one copy of each issue. NOTE: members can still get them at an exclusive 35% discount (find the code under the Benefits page at the member login area—scroll to “BIKEPACKING.com Webshop”). Get your copies here while supplies last. Lastly, we’ll be shipping these all at once once the sale ends, likely around the first week of June.

We’re happy to report that we also found some leftover copies of issues 06 and 07 and will be offering them to members sometime later this year. Stay tuned and watch your inboxes later this summer!

A note to members: If you’re in the United States and still haven’t received your copy of The Bikepacking Journal 11, hold tight! They are hitting mailboxes across the country now. If you live in another country and haven’t received your copy yet (assuming you were registered before the deadline), please send us a note via the member contact form so we can look into it for you. The 12th issue is in production now, and we’ll keep all members updated via the email list.

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