After more than 4,500 kilometers of pedaling across Europe, Christoph Strasser was the first to finish the 2022 Transcontinental Race (TCRNo08) in just over nine and a half days. Congratulations, Christoph! Find all the details here…

Photos by Sam Dugon, Charlotte Gamus, and Tomas Montes

On August 3rd, 40-year-old Austrian cyclist Christoph Strasser arrived at the final checkpoint at the Black Sea to become the first finisher in the Transcontinental Race 08. Christoph rode 4,578 kilometers across Europe from Geraardsbergen, Belgium, to Burgas, Bulgaria, in 9 days and 14 hours, completing all six checkpoints and averaging nearly 480 kilometers a day.

As a six-time winner and record holder for the fastest time in the Race Across America, Christoph is no stranger to supported ultra-racing. And in 2021, he became the first person to ride more than 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) in 24 hours on a course in Austria. However, this was his first self-supported race.

Later that day, Kyrstian Jakubek (233) and Adam Bialek (075) took second and third place. As Christoph crossed the finish, the two battled it out, and Krystian made it to the checkpoint eight hours after Christoph, with Adam not far behind. Last year’s winner, Fiona Kolbinger, became the first woman to finish and completed the race 8th overall. Congrats to everyone on your phenomenal efforts!

  • Christoph Strasser, 2022 Transcontinental Race No08

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