We’re giving away a lightweight, feature-packed Durston X-Mid Pro 2 shelter for our 170th Collective Reward, and one lucky winner will receive a Dyneema home away from home worth more than $750. Find more details and learn about the Bikepacking Collective here…

According to designer Dan Duston of Durston Gear in Alberta, Canada, his Durston X-Mid Pro 2 is the world’s lightest two-person tent, and we’re thrilled to be giving one away to a randomly selected member of the Bikepacking Collective for our 170th Collective Reward. The airy, single-walled, feature-loaded tent is constructed from Dyneema composite fabrics (DCF) and tips the scales at just 18.2 ounces (515 grams) while still boasting a uniquely spacious and stormworthy design.

durston x-mid pro 2 review
  • durston x-mid pro 2 review
  • durston x-mid pro 2 review, bikepacking tent
  • durston x-mid pro 2 review

Miles tested one on a six-week bikepacking trip across Australia for his review earlier this year (find it linked below), and he was impressed by how easy the X-Mid Pro 2 was to set up, how small it packed down, and how roomy it felt inside thanks to its parallelogram shape, offset poles, and dual peaks, concluding that it felt more like a properly livable home than any other shelter he’s tested.

Durston’s X-Mid Pro 2 has a generous 46″ width floor with and 90″ floor length with best-in-class headroom, easily fitting two 6’4″ bikepackers or one solo bikepacker up to 7’0″ tall. Outside, a pair of 11.6-square-foot vestibules offer plenty of space for storing gear out of the way, rather than blocking the door. The X-Mid Pro 2’s high-performance shape doesn’t have any horizontal panels to catch snow or vertical side panels to catch wind, and it pitches with just four stakes. Its full-coverage fly can extend all the way to the ground to block rain splatter or raised for increased ventilation. The doorways are protected from rain, and dual peak vents help minimize condensation.

  • durston x-mid pro 2 review, bikepacking tent
  • durston x-mid pro 2 review, bikepacking tent

In all, the Durston X-Mid Pro 2 features an incredibly thoughtful design that makes for a great user experience, and we can’t wait for one of our members to get out and spend some nights in theirs. Best of all, if it’s not the model that best suits your needs, Dan said he’s happy to substitute it for any of his other models. You can learn more about Durston’s full range of lightweight shelters over at DurstonGear.com.

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