Eddie O’Dea just set out to become the first rider to complete the new 5,960-mile Eastern Divide Trail from Newfoundland, Canada, to Key West, Florida, all in an effort to raise funds for a Georgia youth mountain biking non-profit. Follow Eddie’s ride on the map here…

This morning, 46-year-old Eddie O’Dea rolled out of Cape Spear, Newfoundland, to pedal to Key West, Florida, on the 5,960-mile Eastern Divide Trail, a route that’s nearing completion with four of the eight segment guides published on our site. Eddie is a professional bike-fitter from Homewood, Alabama, co-founder of the Georgia Cycling Association, and is an accomplished ultra-endurance cyclist who has held course records on Trans North Georgia (TNGA), Huracan 300, and Stagecoach 400 routes. Eddie is using this journey to increase awareness of Georgia Cycling and raise funds for Georgia’s youth mountain biking non-profit.

  • Eddis O'Dea, Eastern Divide Trail
Photo on the right taken this morning at Cape Spear, Newfoundland, the easternmost point in North America

Eddie is riding the Rodeo Labs Flannimal shown above. This bike was kitted out specifically for this trip with a SRAM AXS X01 drivetrain, 27.5 x 2.2″ tires, and a full set of Rockgeist bags. Since the photo above, Eddie made a few modifications that you can see in this post’s main photo. Follow Eddie on the Trackleaders map below and scroll down to learn more about the project.

Learn more about Eddie’s ride at GeorgiaCycling.org—where you can make a donation to Eddie’s cause—and find links to the four published Eastern Divide Trail segments below. You can also learn about the status of the entire route here.

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