Salsa’s fourth installment of the Bikes & Photography series features our friend Eszter Horanyi with an excellent primer on choosing a camera and some basics about getting started…

Salsa Cycles just featured Eszter Horanyi in its fourth article about the intersection of Bikes & Photography. You may have seen Eszter’s work on this site in her TOTS route in New Zealand, but in Beyond The Phone Camera, she writes about her photography philosophy and provides a nice primer on equipment, technique, and tips for those interested in merging cycling and shooting…

Top of the South, TOTS, Bikepacking Route, New Zealand

“Having a really nice camera is useless if you don’t want to carry it or you’re scared of breaking it.”

Top of the South, TOTS, Bikepacking Route, New Zealand

Find the full article over at and be sure to follow Eszter on Instagram @ez_gone_coddiwompling. Also, dig in to Neil and Logan’s articles in the same series.



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