In this hilarious new video from Mahalo My Dude and Jenson USA, a group of kids share what they know about mountain biking and react to various components. Watch the endearing eight-minute video to see what they think about modern MTB tech and the high prices that come with it here…

Mahalo My Dude and Jenson USA recently teamed up on a YouTube video that’s equal parts amusing and enlightening. In it, they ask a group of children to guess the names and prices of various modern mountain bike components, and their responses are nothing short of priceless. With cost estimates for a complete MTB ranging from $58 to $200,000,000 and many alternative names for parts that are hard to argue with (Spokey Pyramid for cassette is my favorite), the video shines some light on today’s somewhat absurd world of bikes, summarized by the cutting question, “Why would people be spending this?!” Watch it below:

  • Kids React to Mountain Bike Parts
  • Kids React to Mountain Bike Parts
  • Kids React to Mountain Bike Parts

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