Rockgeist just added a new size option for their Meanwhile Basket Bag that’s designed to fit a milk crate. Learn more about the Milk Crate Meanwhile and their new custom basket bag options here…

On-bike photos by Michael Roderick

The Rockgeist Meanwhile Basket Bag is the perfect cargo-hauling option for all-weather bikepackers and year-long commuters. Just like the rest of their 100% waterproof bags, the Meanwhile Basket Bag features welded seams that will keepcontents dry in the heaviest of downpours. Up until now, it was only available in two sizes to fit standard Wald 137 and 139 baskets, but they worked with a customer, Michael Roderick, to develop a new size designed specifically for a standard milk crate.

rockgeist milk crate meanwhile

The Milk Crate Meanwhile Basket Bag has the same HDPE foam bottom insert, a simple roll-top closure, carry handles, bartacks at critical stress points, and a 12 x 12″ bottom that fits perfectly in a standard milk crate. It can be closed a few ways: roll-top folded and buckles connected to each other, attached directly to the crate with removable buckles that wrap the bottom of the crate, or by using the removable buckles to clip over the top of the bag.

rockgeist milk crate meanwhile
  • rockgeist milk crate meanwhile
  • rockgeist milk crate meanwhile
  • rockgeist milk crate meanwhile

Rockgeist is also offering custom-sized Meanwhile Basket Bags for those running baskets other than Wald 139, 137, or a milk crate. Custom sizes start at $150, and there will likely be an upcharge for sizes larger than 16 x 11″.

The Milk Crate Meanwhile Basket Bag costs $98 and is available now from

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