Breaking news before the weekend: the folks over at Ultradynamico just released this unexpected music video with their new corporate jingle, “The Dynamic Choice.” It’s loads of fun and well worth a few minutes of your time. Watch it here…

As a quick little weekend sendoff, we bring you a fresh music video from the Ron and Pat over at Ultradynamico tires. As the story goes, their friend Ryan White of “Stab You in the Head” and other bands in the mid-90s Connecticut hardcore scene volunteered to make their tire company a little jingle just for fun.

“After perusing the Ultradynamico website for some language to inspire the lyrics, and a simple request from us for it to sound like Bon Jovi, he sends us back the opus ‘The Dynamic Choice.'” Ryan delivered, and Ron and Pat did too, with a delightful music video to accompany it. It was released just after our Debrief went live, but we had to share:

Find the full backstory over at

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