Cycling to Argentina EP13: Arrival in Mexico (Video)

The 13th video installment of Greg McCahon and Ana Victoria Cedillo’s “Cycling to Argentina” series finds the duo wrapping up their time in the United States and entering Victoria’s home country of Mexico after nearly a year on the road. Watch it and catch up on past episodes here…

Words, photos, and video by Greg McCahon

It had been just over five months since we entered the United States back up in Port Angeles, Washington, and after a quick detour to the Grand Canyon, we just had a few weeks left on our US visas to wiggle our way down to Victoria’s home country of Mexico. We started off on the beautiful Arizona Trail but quickly realised we didn’t have enough time to stay on it all the way down. So, we made a plan to hop between that and the Western Wildlands Route, which generally sticks to pretty good dirt roads as opposed to the AZT’s singletrack.

  • Cycling to Argentina Episode 13
  • Cycling to Argentina Episode 13

We also sprinkled in a few mandatory highway shortcuts to make sure we arrived to the border in time. We ended up crossing into Victoria’s home turf on the very last day of our six-month visas. Arizona was our favourite state yet, and the Arizona Trail has shot to the top of our lists of places to come back to one day—hopefully without the time constraint, so we can enjoy it properly!

  • Cycling to Argentina Episode 13
  • Cycling to Argentina Episode 13

If you missed any, be sure to catch up on the previous installments of Greg and Victoria’s ongoing video series in the Further Reading grid below.

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