Victoria’s Alaska to Argentina (Videos) + A Day in the Life

Alongside Greg McCahon’s videos, Victoria Cedillo started a second series following their ride from Alaska to Argentina, offering a fresh and unique perspective on their journey of a lifetime. Watch the first two episodes here, plus her latest video, “A day in the life,” showing what a typical 24 hours is like in 26 minutes…

Main photo by Greg McCahon

In July of last year, Victoria Cedillo and Greg McCahon set out from Deadhorse, Alaska, on a journey toward Argentina. We’ve been following their trip via Greg’s videos—which you can find linked below—and we’re excited to see a new series emerge from Victoria that offers a fresh take on their trip. Victoria is editing these videos on her phone as as they ride. The first two episodes were posted from Ashland, Oregon, about a month ago, some 5,000 kilometers from the start of this incredible story. Find both below, as well as a new “Day in the life” video, all narrated in Spanish with English subtitles available.

I Left Everything to Travel On a Bike (EP.1)

In this first chapter, you’ll see a bit of what it was like to start from Alaska and what helped Victoria carry on through the difficult first 1,000 kilometers.

“This is not a long vacation… it’s getting to know you through what makes you uncomfortable.”

The scariest morning of my life (EP.2)

A few weeks into their bikepacking trip from Alaska to Argentina, Victoria and Greg had quite the adventure in Denali National Park as a landslide blocked one entrance, and the two had half of the park to themselves—without people or cars, and all the nature and wildlife.

A day in the life (Un Dia Completo)

After eight months of traveling by bike, Victoria shared this video showing what a typical full day is like. “In 16 minutes, I tell you what happens in 24 hours. What we eat, our times, how we go to the restroom, how I deal with cleaning and personal care, among other interesting things. I would like to clarify that every day is different, some better than others, and always in a different place, definitely an experience that I would recommend to everyone.”

Follow along on Victoria’s YouTube channel here.

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