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best bikepacking saddles
Bikepacking GearComponents

Decade in Review: The Best Saddles for Bikepacking?

By Lucas Winzenburg on April 1, 2022

80 Discussion

In our new Decade in Review series, we take a deep dive into the site’s 10-year archive and look back at all the gear we’ve tried along the way, choosing our all-time top picks in a broad range of categories. First up, we share 10 of our favorite time-tested saddles for bikepacking. Find them all here…

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A Hayduke Story: From Baja to Bend to Oaxaca

By Emma Bucke on February 28, 2022

33 Discussion

Long after taking her Hayduke on the inaugural Baja Divide Grand Depart, Emma Bucke shares a more recent reinvention of the bike. Discover how a few component changes and some evolving gear choices have turned a flawed favorite into a bike that’s far more tuned to her needs, transforming her confidence and enjoyment on trails and making this classic steel hardtail finally feel like it’s her own…


Friday Debrief: Colorful Parts, a Ti Wrench, Tour Aotearoa Grand Depart, and more

By Team Work on February 25, 2022

5 Discussion

This week’s Debrief includes some colorful new parts, a lightweight Ti wrench, a couple of readers’ ATBs, news from around the community, and details about two upcoming bikepacking events that you can follow live. Check it out here…

ATB Manifesto, All Terrain Bicycles

All Terrain Bicycling: An ATB Manifesto

By Logan Watts on February 22, 2022

236 Discussion

Somehow, off-road cycling enthusiasts got stuck with two terms to describe a broad range of bicycles that cover a variety of disciplines. We think it’s about time the cycling community reclaimed the term ATB—All Terrain Bicycle—to describe some of them. In this opinion piece, we ask why and examine the history and future of the term. Read it here, along with a list of bikes that fit this mold and what we’d like to see…

Baja Divide Rigs
Bikepacking Gear ListsPlan

Other People’s Lines + Our Baja Divide Rigs

By Logan Watts on February 8, 2022

19 Discussion

In the final installment of coverage from Logan and Virginia’s Baja Divide Missions Section ride, Logan reflects on realizations that come from riding other people’s route designs, and breaks down the “ramble-shred” bike builds, rationale, and gear lists they used on the trip.

Weekend Snapshot, Oaxaca Mexico

Weekend Snapshot

By Logan Watts on January 10, 2022

9 Discussion

New for 2022, Weekend Snapshot is a fresh Dispatch series we’ve dreamed up to highlight trips and outings from our community, showcasing your local overnighters, weekend rides, and mid-week rambles. Each week, we’ll feature three photos sent in by our readers. See more here…

Access Fund

Meet Our Bikepacking Collective Routes Access Fund Awardees: Part 3

By Lucas Winzenburg on December 30, 2021

12 Discussion

We’re pleased to introduce our third and final group of 2021 Bikepacking Collective Routes Access Fund awardees. Get to know some of the BIPOC bikepackers who received grants and gear to support their upcoming adventures here…

2021 Bikepacking Awards People and Routes

2021 Bikepacking Awards: People and Routes

By Logan Watts on December 14, 2021

32 Discussion

Part three of our 2021 Bikepacking Awards pays tribute to the people who’ve been influential with inspiring trips and acts of goodwill in the bikepacking community. In addition, we’ve awarded the year’s most incredible routes and rides. Find all of our nominated people and routes here…

2021 Bikepacking Awards Film and Photo
Bikepacking VideosCultureInspiration

2021 Bikepacking Awards: Film, Photography, Writing, and Art

By Logan Watts on December 7, 2021

11 Discussion

In the second installment of our 2021 Bikepacking Awards, we honor creative endeavors by showcasing the work of talented individuals and teams with 35 awards in 10 categories, including Best Feature Film, Best Trip Photography, Best Event Documentation, Best Writing, and more. Find them all here…

Bikepacking Gear That Lasts, Gift Guide
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Bikepacking Gear That Lasts: A Gift Guide

By Team Work on November 22, 2021

131 Discussion

For our long-term Gift Guide, we racked our brain and drew up a list of more than 70 of our most prized pieces of bikepacking gear, at a variety of price points. Think of this as a roster of goods that have already proven their worth… gifts that promise to keep on giving, over thousands of miles, all around the world.

The Bikepacking Journal 06
Feature Stories

The Bikepacking Journal Issue 06

By Lucas Winzenburg on September 24, 2021

0 Discussion

In case you missed it, take a look inside our sixth issue of The Bikepacking Journal here, along with details on how to join our Bikepacking Collective so you have a fresh copy on your coffee table twice a year, including the upcoming fall 2021 issue…

Public Lands Bikepacking
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Guide to Bikepacking with a Camera & Carrying a Camera on Your Bike

By Cass Gilbert on September 17, 2021

75 Discussion

Documenting a bikepacking trip through photography can be a creative and rewarding experience. For some, it’s almost as enjoyable as the riding itself! But what’s the best way to carry a camera on a multi-day adventure, so it’s protected from dust, water, and vibrations but still easy to grab and use? Find our guide to the subject here, including our team’s preferred options and input from some of our camera-toting contributors…