Joe Cruz

Contributing Editor

Joe Cruz

Joe took his first bikepacking trip in 1988 with—among much else—a Coleman stove, a flannel shirt, peanut butter and an Edward Abbey paperback packed into his GT mountain bike’s rear panniers.

Since then he's raced and toured the world over, including circuits in Asia and SE Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the length of South America. Joe perfectly well likes rugged, remote, and challenging trips, but his favorite bikepacking always includes a substantial cultural and historical element. He thus counts Tibet, Pakistan, and Peru as highlights. Joe’s writing and photography have appeared in Dirt Rag (#14), Bunyan Velo, and The Outsiders.

When not pedaling, Joe is a Professor of Philosophy and the Chair of the Cognitive Science Program at Williams College, where he specializes in philosophy of mind and the nature of knowledge. He and his wife split their time between the rural college town of Williamstown, Massachusetts and their beloved native New York City.

He blogs at Pedaling in Place and posts to Instagram @joecruzpedaling.

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