From brake butter to nigiri-flavored saddles and oval jockey wheels to Lael Wilcox’s new cooking show, here’s our April Fools’ Day roundup to kick off your week. Check out some of our favorite bike-related April foolery from around the web here…

Last year, April Fools’ Day landed on a Saturday and fell a little short, so we’re glad to see brands back in full force this year, especially because it’s the bicycle industry’s favorite holiday. Once again, we’ve gathered a few April Fools’ announcements from around the web, including some exciting new products from Road Runner Bags, 5DEV, Enlightened Equipment, and more. We’ll update this list if we see more pop up throughout the day. If you stumble upon a good one, please let us know in the conversation below!

Revelate Designs Whatever Handlebar Bag

The new Revelate Designs Whatever Handlebar Bag is almost entirely made out of all bikepackers’ favorite accessory: urethane straps. It features four mounting straps for a super secure setup and five straps for quick access to your front load. There are more daisy chains and attachment points for dangling other gear on both sides. Total volume: unlimited!

Old Man Mountain x North St. Bags Hike-a-Bike™

Old Man Mountain and North St. Bags have teamed up on what looks like the most capable hike-a-bike-specific bag/bike hauling pack we’ve seen. Aptly known as the Hike-a-Bike™, it’s part backpack, part rack carrier, part pannier carrier, and also has an axle mount to tow your bike behind you when the trail gets rough. “Why put the entire bike on your back and carry all that weight when you can tow it behind you? Sure there are rules about the wheels not being allowed to touch the ground, but if those rules didn’t exist this would work great!” – Erik Fenner, Old Man Mountain Marketing Director

hike a bike 2024

Widefoot Hot Dog Holder

Designed to efficiently and effectively transport cylindrical snacks while cycling, the new Widefoot Hot Dog Holder is a minimal cargo cage described as the “most significant breakthrough in cycling equipment since 2003.” It has a full stainless steel construction, it is made in the USA, and it’s optimized for hot dog carrying duties.

Ratio Ovalsized Jockey Wheels

Ratio Tech, makers of the popular 1×12 Upgrade Kit, released their new Ovalsized™ Jockey Wheels. Using the latest biomimicry techniques, Ratio took inspiration from dinosaur eggs to optimize the local curvature at a continuum of points around the circumference of each of the Ovalsized™ jockeys. Maximum efficiency is achieved twice in each jockey’s rotation cycle, when the reduced articulation angle of each engaged chain link decreases fatigue and induces psych by up to 37%.

Ratio Ovalized jockey Wheels

Each 20 tooth jockey wheel is designed specifically for use with a 40-tooth chainring; not only does peak efficiency occur four times per cycle, but the variable chain take-up preloads the derailleur’s cage spring, increasing chain tension to propel you forwards.

Neutron Components Brake Butter

Neutron Components is addressing over-powerful brakes with the world’s first MTB-specific rotor lubricant: Brake Butter. From Neutron: “So how does it work? Well the secret is in our Faux Crashima Coating; by suspending nano-particles of Oxygenated Tert-Butylamine in a matrix of low-shear scoparium we’ve been able to strike the perfect balance between not-quite- and just-enough braking power. Our engineers have packaged that all up in a specially-developed polymer shell with integrated helical butter delivery device to allow riders to adjust their brake modulation with pinpoint accuracy.”

  • neutron brake butter
  • neutron brake butter

Cedaero Pizza Oven

The new Cedaero Pizza Oven is a one-of-a-kind front rack bag that’s perfectly sized for two large pizzas. It’s made from 1000-denier Cordura, 210-denier nylon liner, has foam stiffeners in all panels, and is made in the USA. And yes, the Piza Oven bag is actually for sale! Check it out here.

  • Cedaero Pizza Oven
  • Cedaero Pizza Oven

Lael Wilcox: The Bikepacker’s Pantry

If there’s someone who knows about meal prepping and eating healthy as an ultra-endurance athlete, it’s Lael Wilcox. We couldn’t be more excited to share the first episode of her new mini-series with Condé Nast Traveler, The Bikepacker’s Pantry. Watch the first episode below, and stay tuned for more.

Take a Trip x Louis Vuitton Monogram Ziploc

Take a Trip Bags in Oregon has teamed up with Louis Vuitton in Paris, France, on what might just be the the pinnacle of practical luxury. Each bag is handmade in their atelier, from start to finish, by a single craftsman. Featuring an effortless magnetic closure, it’s the perfect bag for the discerning individual who wants a side of style with their sandwiches. Each bag will set you back $50, and they ship within 3-5 weeks. Learn more here.

take a trip zip lock

Hudski Follow-Cam Kite “FCK it”

Having friends to shoot your weekly follow-cam shots is totally overrated, and Hudski Bikes in California decided to address this with their new Follow-Cam Kite, or “FCK it” for short. “No batteries needed, no fancy drone piloting necessary, just traditional Japanese kit making and an iPhone. Huck it and FCK it!”

Appleman WILD Paint

Appleman’s new WILD finish option for their lineup of US-made cranks includes splatter, fades, and infill, and for the first time, it’s also available in a limited edition “KIDS” version. The “KIDS” cranks include weather-resistant, permanent adhesive stickers that will never lift, rub, or wear off your cranks. Rainbows, unicorns, and especially rainbow unicorn stickers are seasonal, elusive, fleeting, and have limited availability. Cupcake stickers are available by request.

appleman cranks kids

Velo Orange Drillium Water Bottle

Igor at Velo Orange just released a fantastic bike hack that’s guaranteed to reduce weight on your rig while still allowing you to use that beloved stainless steel bottle you can’t leave home without. The Drillium Water Bottle hack is simple, effective, and free as long (as you have access to a drill). Saving unnecessary weight has never been easier.

Prologo Nago R4 Nigiri

Italian saddle manufacturer Prologo is pushing saddle innovation to a new level with their Nago R4 Nigiri saddle. The cover of the NAGO R4 Nigiri is made of a 100% natural material never used before in cycling: salmon, with its vibrant colors and refined texture. Paired with a rice padding layer, the Nago R4 Nigiri combines the best of performance and taste into one comfortable saddle.

Prologo Nago R4 Nigiri

Starling Cycles: April Fools Comes Every Day In The Bike Industry!

April Fools’ Day is all about fooling people. Starling Cycles’ Joe McEwan reckons the industry spends every day fooling people that more bikes mean more speed, more performance, and more fun—if we chase the latest and the greatest, then we’ll be better riders. For this year’s April Fools’, Joe went on a bit of a rant, talking all about what he says is the joke that gets played on everyone every day of the year by the bike industry.

Road Runner Barrel Burrito Bag

Road Runner Bags’ new Barrel Burrito Bag is as wide as a barrel and as long as moose antlers. It looks perfect for carrying tubes, tools, tires, and an entire grocery run. In fact, there’s even room for a floor pump, so you’ll never have to use a pesky tiny hand pump ever again. Total capacity: 42.069L.

Road Runner Barrel Burrito Bag

Durston x Zpacks Du-X-Plex-Mid-Zip-Pro-Offset-2 tent

We love a good collaboration, so it’s exciting to see Durston Gear and Zpacks team up on a brand new tent. The Durston x Zpacks Du-X-Plex-Mid-Zip-Pro-Offset-2 tent is ultralight and best-in-class, and that’s pretty much all we know. Oh, and it’s likely made from Dyneema.

Hope Smart Freehub and smartHub App

Hope Technology’s app easily allows riders to tune and customize their hub, providing the opportunity to bring back hub sounds from the past. Using the app, you can now select your hub and freehub model of your choice, and dial in the sound with the Hope Sound Selector. “We’ve seen the revival of vinyl and analog film, so why not use tech to bring back the Hope sounds of old? Customers tell us all the time how they miss the noise of Pro 2 or the buzz of an older hub, so we thought why not give them the option.”

Hope smart hub 2024

Ortlieb X-Tremer QR

The new Ortlieb X-Tremer QR is the first bag in Ortlieb’s new X-Tremepacking lineup. Gone are the days of not having enough packing space with massive capacity and backpack straps, allowing you to carry everything and anything you want at camp, including potted plants and full-sized sleeping cots.

Musguard Fussguards

Best known for their lineup of foldable, lightweight fenders, Musguard is back with what looks like a totally functional fender option for both on and off the bike. The Fussguards attach directly to your ankles, use the same lightweight design as their rear fender, and are guarenteed to keep splashback from walking around on wet surfaces off your premium denim jeans.

5DEV Billet Pedals

They haven’t shared many details yet, but Californian component manufacturer 5DEV teased some interesting new pedals that look like the epitome of raw. Unfinished, un-machined, and no grip to speak of. Keep an eye out for them at Sea Otter 2024.

5DEV pedals 2024

DT Swiss x Cocuma Caffe Hub Grinder

The wheel experts at DT Swiss have teamed up with Cocuma Caffè in Switzerland on what might be the world’s first hub designed specfically to grind fresh beans. Simply pack your hub full of your bean of choice, ride around for an unspecified amount of time, and then dump the freshly ground coffee out for your next coffee outside meetup.

Bike Flights Galactic Service

Selling a bike out of your solar system? That’s no problem with Bike Flights’ new service option, Galactic Service. Whether you’re selling a bike or purchasing a rare frame from another planet, Bike Flights Galactic Service will ensure the goods are delivered safely and swiftly, anywhere in the galaxy.

bike flights Galactic Service

Sawyer Filter Fashion

Sawyer’s new lineup of cozy, insulated filter outfits is guaranteed to keep your filter looking fresh while also ensuring it doesn’t freeze at night and clean was tossed around at camp. As an added bonus, your filter will feel confident and comfortable, which is often overlooked when using water filters.

Sawyer Filter Fashion

Enlightened Equipment Torrid Shorts

The new Enlightened Equipment Torrid Shorts, or “Torts” for short, feature all the same specs as their insulated Torrid Pants, but with a 5″ inseam and scalloped sides for unwavering style points. They have 2oz/yd² CLIMASHIELD™ APEX insulation, an ultralight 10D nylon construction, and a 3/32” shock cord at the waist for easy adjustment.

torrid shorts

Rene Herse Floating Chain

Rene Herse is taking analog shifting to the next level with the Floating Chain. This system is lighter, has less resistance, and costs far less than all derailleur systems available today. The Floating Chain system uses a triple crank and just a single-speed freewheel on the rear, allowing the chain to float freely when riding in the smaller two rings. Jan Heine, head of R&D at Rene Herse Cycles, explained: “One-by drivetrains have simplified bicycle gearing, but it’s time to go a step further. Most cyclists need only three gears: one for uphills, one for flat roads, and one for downhills. The steps between these gears tend to be relatively large. Large steps between three gears are easiest to accommodate on the front, with a triple crank. So we’ve effectively turned the one-by around and put all the gears on the front.” Read more here.

Rene Herse Floating Chain

Did we miss any? If you’ve seen any more good April fools’ stunts from bike or outdoor companies, please leave us a note in the conversation below…

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