The Whisper of Reckoning slingshot from WZRD Bikes in British Columbia is handmade from 4130 Chromoly steel, has a 22.2mm handle that’s compatible with any push-on grip, and features a design that’s been dialed in after years of prototyping and target practice. Following yesterday’s inside look at WZRD, we’re giving one away for Collective Reward #174. Find details here…

Our 174th Collective Reward giveaway comes from Emma May and British Columbia-based WZRD Bikes. One lucky member of the Bikepacking Collective will receive the Whisper of Reckoning slingshot from WZRD, handmade at their shop on Vancouver Island from 4130 Chromoly steel with a 22.2mm handle, with a design based on years of target practice.

WZRD Bikes British Columbia

The $130 CAD (~$100 USD) Whisper of Reckoning is packed with clever features. WZRD’s iconic goop design, created by Emma’s partner April, is laser cut into the arms. The band attaches to a chunk of paracord instead of directly to the arms, allowing various styles to be swapped in and increasing the band’s lifespan. The head and the handle are brazed together in WZRD’s shop, and the 22.2mm handle means you can simply slide your favorite grip on for added comfort. Emma has set aside a purple Whisper of Reckoning for one site supporter, but our winner can also wait for the next batch to choose a different color.

WZRD whisper of reckoning

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  • WZRD whisper of reckoning
  • WZRD whisper of reckoning

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Miles’ recent shop visit with WZRD Bikes and Emma here. Learn more about The Whisper of Reckoning at WZRD.Bike.

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