The Posedla Joyseat saddle is a 100% custom, 3D-printed saddle that uses a unique personal imprint to create a one-of-a-kind shape and fit. We’re giving one away for our 181st Collective Reward. Find details on and get signed up for a chance to win before the April 17th deadline here…

Finding the perfect combination of saddle width, shape, and density is a never-ending quest for many bikepackers. It’s hard to fully enjoy a trip and immerse yourself in the experience if you’re uncomfortable, and while there are semi-custom saddles out there that might help, Czech Republic-based Posedla takes things a step further with the world’s first custom 3D-printed saddle, the Posedla Joyseat. Today, we’re thrilled to share that we’ll be giving away a Posedla Joyseat 2.0 to one randomly selected member of the Bikepacking Collective, a roughly $500 value for our lucky winner.

Posedla Joyseat Saddle Review

Each Posedla Joyseat is totally custom for the user. They rely on a unique process of collecting a real-world butt imprint, a short questionnaire, and a fancy algorithm to produce a saddle that’s designed specifically for your individual needs and characteristics. The results determine the width, amount of cushion, firmness, and profile of the saddle. The carbon shell and rails are handmade by a small team in the North Bohemia region of the Czech Republic, and the upper portion of the saddle is manufactured by a German 3D-printing partner not far from where the carbon components are made.

Posedla Joyseat Saddle Review
  • Posedla Joyseat Saddle Review
  • Posedla Joyseat Saddle Review
  • Posedla Joyseat Saddle Review

Shortly after publishing my review, Posedla announced the Joyseat 2.0, which builds on everything the original offered but with a new shape and manufacturing process enhancements. The Joyseat 2.0 has a revised body with a shorter nose and an extended pressure relief channel. The weight has been lowered, with complete saddles starting at just 145 grams, and they’ve increased the number of potential width options to up to 40 (from 130mm to 170mm). The average lead time has also decreased from eight to six weeks, and they’ve extended their satisfaction guarantee to 60 days from delivery.

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