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Alex Hotchin, Baja Divide, Map

Baja Divide Map with Every Copy of The Bikepacking Journal 04!

By Lucas Winzenburg on April 10, 2020

15 Discussion

We’re happy to announce that we’ll be including a large format, hand-illustrated map of the Baja Divide with every copy of the upcoming fourth issue of The Bikepacking Journal. See a sneak peek and details here…

Julia Vallera Rider Rig Surly Pugsley Bikepacking
Bikepacking BikesFat BikesPlus BikesRider & Rig

Julia Vallera and her Surly Pugsley (AKA, Big Gurl)

By Guest on April 9, 2020

40 Discussion

Yesterday, Julia Vallera shared her artwork and illustrated photography from her bikepacking trip along Mexico’s Baja Divide. Today we find out more about Big Gurl, the mud-dodging Surly Pugsley she modified for the ride, her favourite Nairo Quintana baseball cap, and how she ended up with those trippy sunglasses…

One Question Five Voices
Bikepacking FoodPlan

One Question, Five Voices: What’s in Your Cooking Kit?

By Lucas Winzenburg on April 3, 2020

30 Discussion

In this edition of One Question, Five Voices, we ask five bikepackers to give us a detailed look at the cooking kits they trust to prepare tasty meals while on the go. Find five unique takes on a lightweight camp kitchen here, plus a handful of tips and tricks…

Cass Gilbert, Bikepacking the Mongolian Steppe
Bikepacking VideosInspiration

Isolation Archives: Our All-Time Favorite Bikepacking Films

By Lucas Winzenburg on March 27, 2020

32 Discussion

In need of some entertainment to prevent yourself from going totally stir crazy while locked down due to COVID-19? Presenting the Isolation Archives, our roundup of highlights from our deep well of bikepacking content. First up, we’re sharing our favorite bikepacking films of all time. Watch them here…

SRAM AXS Review, long-term, wireless drivetrain
Bikepacking GearComponents

SRAM AXS Review: Is AXS ready for big adventures?

By Logan Watts on March 12, 2020

83 Discussion

There are plenty of SRAM AXS reviews already out there, but how about ultra-long term testing? We’ve put in over eight months on ours. Moreover, we asked three bikepackers who’ve ridden with AXS drivetrains over thousands of miles for their feedback and whether they’ve had any issues in the backcountry. Plus, everything you need to know about the SRAM AXS “Mullet” — one of only a few ways to get an ultra-wide range 1x drivetrain on a drop-bar bike…

Favorite Bike Photos of 2019

My Favorite Bike Photos of 2019

By Logan Watts on January 13, 2020

9 Discussion

Bike photos are a thing of beauty to us here at We take a lot of them, but only a few get high marks. Here’s a look back at 15 of Logan’s favorites from last year…

The Bikepacking Journal, Issue 03, BPJ03
Feature Stories

The Bikepacking Journal Issue 03

By Lucas Winzenburg on January 10, 2020

5 Discussion

We’re pleased to present the latest issue of our biannually printed publication, The Bikepacking Journal. This new collection is loaded with fresh bikepacking stories and essays from all over the globe, and this issue is our biggest one yet. Find out what’s inside here, along with details on how to join our Bikepacking Collective so you never miss another issue again…

Bikepacking Gear That Lasts
AccessoriesApparelBikepacking BagsBikepacking GearCamping GearComponents

Bikepacking Gear That Lasts: A Gift Guide

By Team Work on December 13, 2019

77 Discussion

For our long-term Gift Guide, we racked our brain and drew up a list of more than 60 of our most prized pieces of bikepacking gear, at a variety of price points. Think of this as a roster of goods that have already proven their worth… gifts that promise to keep on giving, over thousands of miles, all around the world.

2019 Bikepacking Awards, Film and Photo
Bikepacking VideosInspiration

2019 Bikepacking Awards: Film, Photography, Writing, and Art

By Team Work on December 5, 2019

21 Discussion

To reflect on another inspiring year in the bikepacking community, we’re delighted to announce our 2019 Bikepacking Awards. Kicking off this three-part series, we’ll first honor the creative endeavors of talented bikepackers by showcasing their work with 30 awards in nine different categories, including Best Feature Film, Best Trip Photography, and Best Writing…

Rodeno-Algarbe Loop Overnighter Bikepacking Route

Rodeno-Algarbe Loop Overnighter

By Guest Routes on December 4, 2019

2 Discussion

When I started planning this route, I thought that here in Teruel we would attract maybe 6 to 8 people. Who could imagine that we would have more than 40 participants with 17 of them being women! Above all, I couldn’t predict the good vibes from everyone involved, all the new friendships, and the snowball […]

Trans-Mexico Bikepacking Route, Dirt-touring

Trans-Mexico Bikepacking Route (Norte)

By Mark and Hana on November 20, 2019

39 Discussion

The Trans-Mexico route was born from two southbound cyclists’ desire to experience the diversity of Mexico’s culture, cities, and landscapes following a dirt-based route that crosses rural and backcountry regions where possible, while still including some of the country’s most interesting cities and sights. The Norte segment links the cobbled streets of some of Mexico’s […]

Dean Libeau illustration
InspirationRider's Lens

Rider’s Lens: Dean Liebau’s Illustrations

By Logan Watts on October 28, 2019

12 Discussion

In our latest Rider’s Lens, meet illustrator Dean Liebau. Dean’s discovery of bikepacking helped him incorporate his love of outdoor exploration, positivity, and human connection into his illustrations…